If you are following along with my 12 mini-goal challenge, you will know that my goal in January is to move for at least 10 minutes every day. Writing down your goals and tracking your progress is a great start for creating long-term healthy habits!

If you like to plan your health and wellness goals and track your progress is areas of health and fitness, I would like to share my Health and Wellness Printable Planner with you.

Health and Wellness Printable Planner. 9 Page Workbook.

 Use the Health and Wellness Planner to:

  • Plan and track your fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals and habits
  • Create action steps necessary to fulfill your goals
  • Bring your new healthy habits into your daily schedule
  • Plan and track your workouts
  • Plan and track your meals
  • Track your vitamins, supplements, and other medications
  • List your favorite resources to aid and motivate you on your health journey

Hold yourself accountable with your health goals with this printable planner. The printable packet includes 9 pages. Use them all or pick and choose based on the plan that works best for you. The entire planner is undated so you can start using the planner at anytime throughout the year.

Here is what is included in the Health and Wellness Printable Planner:

– Health & Wellness Goal Planner – Set a start and end date for each goal you set. There are lines for Fitness Goals, Nutrition Goals, Wellness Goals, and also blank lines for your own custom goals. 

– Health & Wellness Goal Worksheet – Once you have set your goals, create a Goal Worksheet for each goal. Use the worksheet to brainstorm your action steps. Once you have decided what steps you need to take to move you toward your goal, place each action step in the desired month. This post offers tips in breaking your goals down.

Health and Wellness Printable Planner Workbook

– Daily Planner Page – Use this page to bring your health into your daily schedule. This page includes areas to note your daily schedule, to-do-list, notes and daily goals. You can keep your daily health in mind in the sections included to track your meals, fitness, nutrition, and water intake.

– Weekly Healthy Habits – Focusing on the small daily habits can help you attain your larger goals. Small daily habits or goals can help you in the long run. Use this weekly worksheet to track your success or setbacks in your water intake, fitness, nutrition, vitamin/supplements, rest/sleep, dental, spiritual, and stress reduction goals.

Health and Wellness Printable Planner. Habit Tracker. Daily Schedule.

– Workout Tracker (get this page free here!)  – On this weekly page, set your daily fitness goals. Record your fitness accomplishments under the cardio, strength, or flexibility categories. There is also room for you to add additional notes regarding your fitness progress for the day. This page is open-ended and you can record your workouts based on your set goals. Record:

  • Steps taken
  • Miles ran
  • Minutes exercised
  • Reps completed

– Food Diary – Record your food intake for the day. This worksheet is broken down by sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages.

Health and Wellness Planner. Fitness Log. Food Log.

– Meal Planner – Plan your breakfast, lunch, and dinner plans each week. Half of this worksheet includes room to make your grocery list as you make your meal plans.

– Vitamin & Supplement Tracker – Record the dates you took your daily vitamins, supplements, or medications.

– Resource List – Use this sheet to jot down book titles, websites, videos, or more. Use it as a reference for your favorite resources or list the resources you want to check out. 

Health, Wellness, Fitness Planner. Meal Planner. Vitamin/Supplement Tracker and more!

 The 9-page Health and Wellness Printable Planner is available for just a few bucks. 

Buy Health and Wellness Planner Now

Do you track your fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness goals and progress? Do you write it down?


Health and Wellness Printable Planner. A 9-page workbook to help your plan, manage, and track your health, fitness, and wellness goals.

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13 comments on “Health and Wellness Printable Planner”

  1. Thanks for sharing the printables. I pinned them. I have been doing the Hammer and Chisel program for the past 3 weeks and I am using my own printable to follow the eating plan with the food containers and the program – amazing to see what and how much you are really eating when you are tracking it and writing it down.

  2. Your planning tools look amazing. I’ve been following the Miracle Morning routine since October and writing and focusing on my goals daily makes a huge difference to my success! Keep on inspiring!

  3. This is such a great idea, I can’t print but when I get a printer I will get this. When I first saw this I thought this concept could work for financial goals, clean house goals, declutter goals, home maintenance goals, the list could go on and on and spiritual goals, I have lots of ideas for the spiritual goals planner. You should come up with a planner for each. I love your site. Thank you for all the wonderful information

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you like my site. I do have plans to make more planners at some point!

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. :)

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