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My Monthly Goals…Why do I set them? Why do I share them here?

  • Setting goals helps me remain focused.
  • Sharing my goals helps to hold me accountable.
  • I hope that it may inspire you to set goals for yourself.

Are you new to goal setting? Here are a few posts that may help or inspire you:

Monthly Goals - September


August: My goal was to wake up at 6:30 each morning. I met this goal 50% of the month.

September: The third trimester of pregnancy is NOT the best time for sleep, but because my girl is going to kindergarten this fall I don’t have much of a choice to get up earlier most mornings. 

I am not used to getting my girls out the door early in the morning, so the schedule change isn’t easy on me. Our mornings will go much smoother and attitudes will be better if my kindergartner doesn’t feel rushed. I spent the last portion of August trying to set our schedules earlier and so I want to continue that. In September I want to focus on going to bed early so the mornings aren’t too rough. (If you have any tips on how to get better sleep during the third trimester, please share in the comments!! I am tired and could use a few tips.)

If you have trouble making sleep a priority, check out these helpful resources: 

Your Morning Manual: A Guide & Workbook for Resetting and Maximizing Your Mornings


August: Cardio 3-4 times per week. Try to walk outside at least once per week. DONE. I feel so much better when I continue to workout while pregnant!

September: Cardio 3-4 times per week. Try to walk at least once per week. Do you need tips on getting exercise into your daily life?

Weekly “date” night with hubby

August: One movie, game or date night per week. We had more TV date-nights than we do in a full year. The reason? The Olympics. We also had a nice birthday dinner and walk around the lakes in August. And an evening of Bananagrams. Does mini-van shopping also count as a date?

September: Continue one movie, game or date night per week. 

Monthly outing with our family

August: Plan one fun activity for the four of us in August. We got in a cabin trip.

September: Plan one fun activity for the four of us.

Habit from my 12 Mini Goal Challenge

August: I know the importance of reading to children and reading has been key to my girls’ lives. We spend so much time with books. They love having books read to them and also enjoy looking through and “reading” books themselves. I am realizing that during the summer months we occasionally have days where reading is not a priority. In August my goal was to read daily to my girls and track the time. I didn’t end up tracking the books read for the entire month, but just choosing to be more aware of the amount I was reading was enough to increase our reading time in August.

September: Abiding by the school schedule is a big change for us. I know that I will need to manage my schedule much differently as I am not used to getting my girls out the door early in the morning. I will miss out on much of my morning alone/blogging time and I will have to be much more strict about bedtimes and morning routines. I will need to stop fitting in that One Last Thing that can make me late.

In September I am focusing on planning my morning and evening schedules out until I get a handle on our new school routine. If you need help managing your morning and evening schedules, get the printable schedule here:

September Mini Goal: Reset Morning and Evening Schedules

Read more about my 12 Mini-Goals Challenge.


August: Read Daily Devotional New Testament: Through the New Testament in a Year every morning. This daily devotional includes two readings from the New Testament, a short reflection, a portion of the Psalms and a thoughts for prayer section. I enjoyed reading this devotion every morning. I have spent the last year or so changing up my daily devotion and I liked just having one that I go to every morning.

While I know the importance of starting my day in God’s Word, the third-trimester tiredness is getting the best of me. I got behind in August.

September: Continue to read Daily Devotional New Testament: Through the New Testament in a Year every morning. 

Morning devotion with my girls

August: Read a daily devotion or bible story with my girls at breakfast each morning. Great for the first half of August. Failed during the last half of August.

September: Read a daily devotion or bible story with my girls at breakfast (on non-school days). I wrote more about this new morning routine here.


August: I finished Gone South, but didn’t end up reading anything else. Who can read when the Olympic is on?? I cannot. 

September: No goal. I have so many magazines around the house, I just may try to catch up on reading them. 



  • Plan mom’s group at church – Mostly done.
  • Backup pictures on my computer – No.
  • With a baby due this fall…get a bigger car – Yes!

September: Because of the eBook launch and spending more time than usual on sponsored posts, I have neglected a few things around the home. I would like to get more organized (declutter!) around the house and get a few things sorted and rearranged for the new baby.

August Blog Goals

September Blog Goals

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29 comments on “Monthly Goals – September”

  1. Great goals! I did not have high expectations for myself during my third trimester, so you are definitely giving yourself a good list :) best of luck! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

  2. You did awesome with your goals, especially since you are in your third trimester! I dont think I got anything done during that time with both my kids! ha!

  3. I always enjoy reading goals lists and your September goals list is awesome! Also, just have to say that I really appreciate that you put sleep at the top of your list. With being in your third trimester, that’s crucial, but it’s also really important no matter where we are in life. Quality sleep helps other things to go more smoothly!

  4. Wow! You are so focused and motivated. I find it very brave for you to be so open about how you are meeting and not meeting your goals. Have a great September!

  5. I love how you write out your goals, this is such a fruitful habit to develop. I was also inspired by your mini goals, it would be fun to attack a new goal each month. I love the idea of a morning devotion with my kids, I’ll have to work on that. Best of luck with your new subscriber freebie and facebook group. I’m super pumped about the Healthy Living bundle as well, I’ve heard it’s packed with lots of great stuff.

    • My girls enjoy the morning devotion/Bible story time!

      The Healthy Living Bundle is packed with great resources! I am especially excited to have a product included. This is my first time. :)

  6. Your goals are so detailed! I love setting goals for myself, but you definitely have more than I do. I think being more detailed is exactly what I need for the upcoming months. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. What a great post. I enjoyed perusing your blog as well. I just may take you up on that offer of linking blog post. I love your idea of including faith activities as a goal.

  8. I love the idea of sharing monthly goals, and maybe one day I’ll get my act together enough to actually do it. ;) And bravo for having a weekly date night! So important.

  9. I love that you are starting your kiddos early with reading! As a second grade teacher, I really appreciate when parents make reading a part of a child’s life so early on. It makes a huge difference!

  10. I love finding other goal setters! It is funny how we have re-adapt our schedules and routines just the kids when they go back to school. I am in the same boat. We just added a weekly date night to our “marriage” goals. I am most excited about this!

  11. I’m afraid I don’t have any tips for better sleeping in the third trimester either. Just get through it as best you can. :) Continuing your practice of one date night a week with your husband is fantastic. Hope you keep that up even after the new baby is here! I’m still trying to backup the pictures on my computer too. It’s taking me forever But I know it will be worth it. Blessings to you.

  12. Such a good idea to have a goals link up like that. I think you are very right saying that having clear goals to reach for means that you are more effective. I should start this soon for my blog I think. Shared on StumbleUpon to remind me #SHINEbloghop

  13. Congrats on your ebook launch! And way to go on your other goals, too! You have certainly been working hard, in more ways than one. Also, I love routines too, but right now I’m feeling grateful I don’t need to figure out a new one because of school. One day though :sigh: Nonetheless, here are some well wishes on achieving your September goals! :)

  14. You have a lot going on with a new baby on the way. I agree that reading is so important with the kids; I need to get better about it with my daughter – she really pushes us on going to bed and then is so tired, she’s crying and trying to rush to bed (before we’ve brushed teeth, put on the nightgown, etc.). I was trying to do a monthly goal post on my blog and then knew I was slacking, so skipped the past few months – so not holding myself accountable! I’ll have to write one up and link up with you ladies for October. #SHINEBlogHop

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