It started with a Burpee.

I have said NO to New Year’s Resolutions and instead break down goals to create Short Challenges or Mini Goals.

I either find a Challenge online or create a Challenge for myself. There is more of a focus on creating Mini Habits by completing a Challenge or mini goal. They have worked for me! Challenge yourself for one month and you may end up with a new habit. 

The first Challenge I set for myself was a Burpee Challenge (an exercise…in case you were wondering). No, the burpees themselves were not life-changing. But my eyes were opened by this simple challenge. I was shocked that the simple task of setting the specific small goal and holding myself accountable by tracking my progress really worked.

In the past I had been a regular (if not obsessed) exerciser. Finding the motivation to exercise had never been hard for me. Pre-kiddos I worked out 6-7 days per week. After having my daughter, I still worked out regularly (even trained for and ran a marathon).

Enter 2 kids…it’s a tad harder.

This fall I worked out less often than I have since my pre-high school years. I was getting very frustrated, wondering if I had really become that tired and lazy. Running and exercising had been a huge part of my life. I was wondering if the new (2 kiddo) me wasn’t going to love working out?

I started with one simple change. I set up a 4 week schedule, noting how many burpees I wanted to complete each day. I then recorded the burpees each day. So simple.

How Short Challenges and Mini Goals Work for Me

I then set up another 4 week schedule. I hit my burpee number every week for 8 weeks. (I allowed Sunday as my catch-up day.) No, it wasn’t my ideal for exercise, but it was a start and I was moving again. I learned that it’s OK to be happy with a smaller step as a way to work towards larger goals. I had been struggling with the motivation to get back into a consistent workout schedule, but instead of getting frustrated I was able to appreciate that the smaller exercise goal at this time in life was OK.

There are just 2 simple steps for setting up a Challenge or Mini-Goal. Here is how short challenges and mini goals work for me:

Create or Find a Challenge Creating my burpee schedule and morning wakeup schedule was very simplistic. Brainstorm (Mini Goal Brainstorm Schedule printable) what mini goals you want to set, then make a Challenge Schedule. Here is a simple example of my Bedtime and Wake-Up goal schedule:

How Short Challenges and Mini Goals Work for Me. Bedtime and Wake Up Goals Schedule

If your goal isn’t as simplistic and you aren’t sure where to start, there are great Challenges that you can find online.

Here are a few examples:

– If you are overwhelmed with where to start on decluttering and simplifying your home, here are a few challenges: 150 Things You Can Toss Out Right Now or Get Organized With the 30-Day Declutter Challenge.

– Join Uncluttered – a 12-week course by Joshua Becker. The next course begins on January 9, 2017.

– Do you want to join a writing challenge? My 500 Words by Jeff Goins is a 31-day challenge you should consider.

– I wanted to add a short workout around the holidays, so I signed up for #12daysofpilates through The Balanced Life. It was e-mailed to me every morning. There was no planning on my part, I just got the e-mail and completed the quick Pilates workout. Bonus: it happened to be FREE.

– Or spend just $1/day and join 15 Days to a Healthier You.

Record Your Progress Write it down! This has been key for me. During my quest to wake up early, I made a schedule where I could record Bedtime and Wake Up times. I felt more accountable, as I knew I had to record both my bedtime and wake-up time. I’m on my 4th week and am going strong with my 6 AM wake-up!! It’s working, and I have now created an early morning waking habit

If you created a timeline for a larger goal (using the Mini Goal Brainstorm Schedule), set up a Challenge or Mini Habit schedule as a smaller step in your big picture goal. Check out my 2017 Habit Tracker here.

Will you be signing up for a Challenge this month? Or will you making your own personal Challenge?

How Short Challenges and Mini Goals Work for Me

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11 comments on “How Short Challenges and Mini Goals Work for Me”

  1. Awesome job with the goal setting. I do best with a plan and working that plan. However, if I set big goals, then I don’t follow through to the end. This is a great suggestion to start the new year with. Hopped in from the Bloglovin’ Blog Hop!

  2. I love the idea of mini-goals, of course :) With our recent move, there is a lot of organizing and decluttering to do. I have now pulled up the 21 day Clutter-Free challenge — so glad that you posted it early, because it starts on January 6th! I hope to join in — thanks for sharing!

    • Moving makes for a perfect opportunity to organize and declutter! Definitely more work, but you’ll be so happy you took the time in the end! Thanks for reading!

  3. Kids, they just ruin everything , don’t they? ;) Just kidding, but they do make it a lot harder to keep with your normal routine! I love the idea of keeping track of your wake up and sleep times, this is something I’ve struggled with ever since baby #3 and I think that may help!

    • haha! I guess you just have to adjust to the fact that there isn’t a normal routine. :) So many aspects are ever changing!

      I was surprised at how much more aware I was of my sleep once I started tracking it. I highly recommend. Thanks for reading!

  4. While learning coaching techniques, breaking down steps was a huge one for most of my clients.

    It’s just like a dancer learning new choreography. The dance is a series of steps, but without knowing each one and how they connect to each other, you can’t know how to do the whole choreography.

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