This is my second attempt at Five Minute Friday. By participating I will write for 5 minutes on the selected prompt. It’s free writing, no editing. So please forgive any sentence structure errors, typos or random thoughts that should be deleted.

Five Minute Friday Visit


When you go on vacation, it’s just a visit, right? As you explore a new city or town, you are just on a visit?

That is not the way that I like to go on a trip. I don’t like to feel like a visitor or like a tourist. I like to feel like I am a part of the city. A part of the neighborhood.

I would rather get up in the morning, enjoy breakfast at the local restaurant, then walk to the next destination. I want to spend the time walking through the neighborhood, seeing the city on foot. I like to feel like I live there and that I’m not just a visitor. I want to meander the streets feeling like it’s home and that I’m not just on a visit.

When I think of the places I have been in the past 10 or so years. San Francisico, Sausalito, San Diego, Seattle, Eugene, Washington DC, I think of them as quick little places that I lived…yes, just for a few days. I think of the places fondly, like they are a quick little home.

And done. It’s sooo hard not to back to edit and finish my thought. :)


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19 comments on “Five Minute Friday – Visit”

  1. I wish I were more like this when I visit places .. I’ll have to keep it in mind next time. :-) So glad you came back to join us again for Five Minute Friday! Thanks for writing and linking up!

  2. Visiting from the FMF linkup. I’m your neighbor there today! :) I like to experience places I visit much like you do too. I want to truly experience the culture etc there. Great fun post!

  3. I completely agree. I like to take my time, learn about the different areas of the city I’m visiting and sometimes it’s fun to just get lost (as long as it’s not in a seedy part of town). I travel a lot less now that I have kids but hopefully once they’re older, they’ll love to travel as much as us!

    • I am not traveling a whole lot either with kiddos. My husband and I reminisce about the cities as if they were our homes for a bit. So that will have to do for now. ;)

  4. You are very brave to just go for it for five minutes. Sometimes we overthink things. I think it went really well.
    I love exploring cities on foot or to just sit and drink coffee and see all the locals walk by. #MondayMadness

  5. Love this TRULY 5-minute post – very inspiring for me to get going on it too. Thanks for sharing about your travels. Have a great day, Kim Stewart

  6. I too agree with your way of seeing a city. or a town. We often get only a glimpse of towns as we drive across the country to visit our daughter & family. We do try to look in on the small towns. One year we took the Lincoln Highway (pretty much route 30 now) and we went through many small towns and enjoyed them each a little bit. We love road trips because we see so much, being able to take all the time we wanted would be even better!

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