Welcome to the Tuesday Talk linkup.

Here are three featured posts from last week: 

Making Time for What Really Matters

“Is it hard for you to stop what you are doing sometimes and play with your kids?”

My parent’s top ten secrets to staying married for 50 plus years

Gigi shares 10 secrets of her parent’s marriage of 53 years.

The Time to be Quiet is Over

Love is patient, and kind. It’s not boastful, proud or rude, and it rejoices with the truth. It’s not arguing with pointed fingers, or beating a point to death. It’s listening to the stories of others, and then sharing, with open hands, the awesome, absolute truth & grace of Scripture. That all have sinned, and our need is great. That Jesus died to meet that need. And that, by His grace, eternal life can be a reality for those who understand their need.” 


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