The days can get long.

I am incredibly blessed to be a Stay At Home Mom to two darling, sweet little girls. I love them dearly and cherish the time. There are days when my husband comes home from work and we still are all smiling and happy. And genuinely enjoying each other.

Then…there are days. Days that start with battles…going to the bathroom, washing hands, picking clothes, making bed, coming downstairs. Does a 3 year-old morning routine need to take an hour and half? No. Does it? Sometimes…

A no afternoon nap day. (They are BOTH up at 2:00? Oh dear…) Or a day of public temper tantrums. Or if my husband has to work late. Being the sole parent from wake-up to bedtime can be exhausting. While there are still pockets of joy in those days, they can be so hard. Long. Never-ending. A battle in patience.

As I began toying with the idea of making myself get up before the girls on a regular basis, I had one fear that held me back.

If I have a long, hard day, why would I make it longer?

If the day is a battle with my preschooler from morning until night, why extend the day?

If I was completely wiped out by 4 PM (or 9 AM…it happens), wouldn’t I be even more tired if I had been up earlier?

If I am mentally drained, emotionally exhausted, physically done, wouldn’t getting up earlier make it worse?

my biggest misconception on getting up early

I have been proven wrong. Getting up earlier does not make the days go by slower. They don’t feel like they go on and on.

The days…have not felt a second longer. Surprise! Because I start the day ready to go, I feel ready to conquer the day. I have started my early morning one of two ways.

A Productive Morning – I have started the day checking a few items of my list. I have a head start on any tasks I must accomplish, thus resulting in a more relaxed, less task-oriented day.

A Refreshing Morning – I have spent the morning with some quality ME time – reading, writing, and relaxing with a cup of coffee. I have spent some time in God’s Word, which helps to add perspective on the day and refresh me.

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

I love that I was wrong. When I start the day off on the right foot, the days don’t lag on and on and on…I am more prepared and ready for whatever joy or struggles they day will hurl at me.

This post is from day 8 of my journey to make the most of my mornings by creating an early morning wake-up habit. Read all about it here: How to Enjoy an Early, Joyful, and Productive Morning.

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3 comments on “Morning Day Eight – My Biggest Misconception On Getting Up Early”

    • Hi Brittany,
      If you are sleeping more, you may actually be sleeping too long for you. We can get groggy and foggy on too much sleep. You will have to set an alarm to get up earlier than you are used to. Try setting it for the amount of sleep you used to get so you have the same hours in the day but shifted earlier so you have the quiet time in the morning. It takes at least 3weeksto establish a habit. You will find it easier and easier to get up and eventually you will wake before the alarm. I now wake up even if I was up late the night before. Give it another try or try the extra hour in the late night quiet.

  1. Oh no! That’s not how it’s supposed to work. Try for a little longer maybe? And if it doesn’t work, maybe give it a couple months and then try again!

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