Getting Back Into Prayer ACTS

I cannot tell you why, but I pray less often than I used to. I believe it started when I became a mom. And…that makes not a bit of sense. You would think that as worry increased when I became a mom, my prayers would and should increase.

I find that the less I pray, the more trouble I have figuring out what to pray. I had forgotten about two simple, yet beautiful prayers that I can bring back into my day and start to say with the girls.

Check out Bread for Beggars for both the Morning and Evening Prayer. {Look around the site too. It’s a great resource.}

I still often say short snippets of prayer during the day, but I hate to admit that my prayer life is not what it should be. My main time of prayer used to be when going to bed at night. I now typically fall asleep so quickly that I don’t get very far.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. – Philippians 4:6

I know that we are called to pray and I know this is an area I need to improve on. I’m so thankful for God’s grace in my shortcomings in prayer!

Are you familiar with the ACTS model for prayer?

Pray Continually 1 Thessalonians 5:17


He is almighty, all-knowing, all-powerful. He loves us, protects us, guides us. Praise Him for who He is and what He has done. Praise God.

I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands. – Psalm 63:4 


Admit wrongdoings and ask for forgiveness.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. – 1 John 1:9


Thank God for the many blessings He has given us.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. – 1 Chronicles 16:34


Ask God for the needs of others and of ourselves. Call upon Him.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. – Philippians 4:6

I created a simple ACTS prayer printable to help me get back on track. It’s simple because I don’t think there needs to be a great deal of action on my part. I’m not going to create a set of rules for myself to follow. I just want a place to be able to jot down a few thoughts throughout the day as I think of them.

Prayer Acts Printable

Print: Prayer ACTS Printable

I want to have the words in front of me:





I am heavy on the supplication. It’s easy for me to do a fair amount of asking in prayer.

We have an amazing God, I need to remember to adore Him.

I sin often. I need to remember to confess and ask my Lord for forgiveness.

He blesses my family and I with SO MUCH. I need to remember to thank Him.

How is your prayer life going? Does it come easy for you? Or do you have times when you struggle?

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44 comments on “Getting Back into Prayer – ACTS”

  1. I have never heard of ACTS but it is a really simple yet focused way to pray! I think every Christian at some point struggles to pray consistently. I know it is an area I feel like I always need work in.

    I have a method I used called daily prayer topics. I pick a topic for each day and pray through it. I put the list on my phone and then I always have it handy. If you want to read more about it I wrote a short post. I think your method is great too though and I think it is neat to see all the different kinds of ways people have structured their prayer life.

  2. I JUST started a prayer journal Saturday & I’m going to use the ACTS Prayer printable! This will help so much stay on track when praying. I also realized I’d been praying less & I got the idea for a prayer journal :) Thanks for sharing! Love this

  3. This is such a great reminder. I think most of us tend to focus on supplication during our prayer time. It seems like there is always a never ending list of needs that I’m praying for both for myself & others. ACTS helps us take the focus off ourselves & our needs and puts it back on God. :)

  4. my bible study was just talking about prayer last night–the discussion circulated around how sometimes it feels like all we should pray is “let your will be done,” but that prophets in the OT and Jesus in the NT are so specific, boldly approaching his throne. i love the printable; it’s such a good reminder! so glad you posted this on the Oak and Oat’s linkup!

  5. I love the ACTS model for prayer! It really keeps me focused, instead of just saying a quick prayer here and there all day long. I feel like I’m really in a conversation with God when I use the ACTS model. Thanks for the reminder! — Lisa | Two Martinis

  6. Praise God for the privilege of coming boldly before His throne 24/7! Thank you for this excellent guide on how to pray. May we spend more time on our knees worshiping Him!
    Linked up with you at Titus 2 Tuesday — hope you’ll stop by for a visit!

  7. It’s very true, even as people who write it’s crazy to think how we get prayer block. I love the idea of a morning and evening prayer for your house to memorize, and the Martin Luther examples are so simple. Thanks for this post, have a great Tuesday!

    • I do like the Luther’s Morning and Evening prayer for that reason. Simple, but they include so much. Thanks for reading!

  8. Perfect! I am the same way… I used to pray so much! Lately with waking earlier to spend time with God, I have been trying to get back into a regular prayer life. I really want to follow through when I tell someone I’ll be praying. Not just say the words! Loving this printable- pinning and sharing!

    • Great point! It’s so easy to say: I’ll be praying for you. But do we always follow through on that?? Thanks for sharing the post!!

  9. I have had some sporadic really good prayer times where I praised, where I listened and where I asked… even since becoming a momma. But I really would like to make it a daily habit. Which would require my discipline. (wince). This was a great reminder! Thank you for the visual of ACTS! I’m glad we are neighbors over at Meredith’s Woman to Woman today!

  10. Thank you for sharing the acts model of prayer – it is really helpful! I struggle with praying too! Keep looking to the Lord in all things! Joining you from #raralinkup!

  11. I’m so glad that you posted this in Wine’d down Wednesday. Tending to pray all throughout the day, it’s important to have a precious time of prayer focusing on Him. Your ACTS model is perfect to keep that focus. Sincerely, beautiful post. Thank you.

  12. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in feeling the need to pray more deliberately. Like you, I pray in snippets throughout the day, but my focused prayer time is lacking. Thank you for the reminder!

  13. I love this model — and I love your graphics for it — so cute. Ages ago (like 20 years…) my mom gave me a book called The ACTS of Joanna. It was a fiction book about a gal who learned how to let go of her need to depend on her affluent life or even close friends and family and as her life fell apart and she learned to depend on God, she learned the ACTS model as a prayer and lifestyle. It really helped me in my young mom years when my brain was foggy and my life seemed overrun by hormones and diapers. It gave me a bit of structure as I approached God because I felt like I was sending up help me prayers all the time.

  14. Thank you for sharing this encouraging post. I’ve struggled with prayer too since having kids (actually, it’s always been a struggle for me as I find it difficult to quiet my mind), but anyway, you’re right…it’s totally counter-intuitive to pray less after having kids. I don’t think I’ve ever needed prayer more than now!

    Thanks for linking up to the Ladies Collective Linkup! Hope to see you again next Wednesday

  15. Amen and Amen! I feel like I miss adoration more than anything. I skip right into confession, thanksgiving or supplication when adoration changes everything! Starting with a right view of God makes everything else look different. Thanks for your great words!

  16. There’s a huge correlation between feeling centered and praying (for me). I definitely use prayer whenever I am feeling like I’m losing my grip on sanity. Thanks for linking this up to the #ShineBlogHop!

  17. I actually have set timers on my cell phone and added notes into my planner for prayer. With 5 kids, I need reminded! I’m so thankful our God is a grace giving God! Thank you for sharing at Women With Intention Wednesdays! I look forward to what you will be sharing this week!

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