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They Will Know Us By Our Love [The Better Mom] I am guilty of not looking up. Seeking to improve…

3 Gifts Every Father Can Give His Family [For the Family] My girls are blessed with a dad that is good at making the first gift listed a priority: “Presence isn’t just about proximity; presence is about purpose.” He comes home from work and gives the girls 100% of his attention.

Mommy, Somebody Needs You [Your Best Nest] I try not to get frustrated with any monotony in life as a stay-at-home mom. I read this post every few months and it helps me keep it in perspective. There will be a day that I will miss the little, repetitious tasks.

“There will be no more tiny boots to wipe the slush from or seat belts to be buckled.  I will have read my last bedtime story, 7 times in a row.  I will no longer enforce time outs.  There will be no more bags to pack and unpack or snack cups to fill.  I am sure my heart will yearn to hear those tiny voices calling out to me, “Mommy, somebody needs you!”” – www.yourbestnestindy.com/

From the blog:

Check out this list of 10 Favorite Baby Books.

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents

Do you feel like you do not have time to do the things you love? People often overlook the small pockets in their day and The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You* is a great tool to help you find the time. Read my review here.


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17 comments on “For Your Reading Pleasure…Links & Books #5”

  1. Oh my goodness, the Mommy, Somebody Needs You post made me cry! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful reminder of the WHY of motherhood. I’m thankful to have been your neighbor at Women With Intention Wednesdays. :)

  2. I always love your recommendations, and I ESPECIALLY love those pillows and their price! I ordered the “You are loved always” for my daughter’s room. Precious. Not to mention the “Mommy, somebody needs you” post you recommended…wonderful. Thanks for some great shares! ;)

    • I’m happy to hear you like my recommendations! I love sharing posts I enjoy and hope others can also take something away from them. :) I thought the “You are loved always” pillow was very sweet. I hope you like it.

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