Steal away a few minutes today. Here are a few web links for your reading pleasure.

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Ten Things I Learned by Downsizing My Life [Moms By Heart] This family downsized and now lives in a RV. I find this fascinating. While I do not think I could sell it all and downsize to that extreme, so much appeals to me. This family will have such unique and wonderful memories as they have the freedom to experience life! I can relate to the reality that stuff can weigh me down and be distracting.

How We Started Again… [My Western Nest] This is a beautiful post. She went through the terrible hardship of losing her baby. She trusted her Savior and amazingly saw blessing in her pain. She is now expecting a baby girl this spring. I won’t say more as I cannot summarize her post and do it justice. Please read it.

Motherhood Mondays | Holding Back [The Quick Journey] Favorite line: “When Jesus can clear his schedule to sit and be with the little children, I see no reason why I can’t clear a few years to settle my soul and show them Jesus.”

Posts on the blog this week:

Top 3 Apps for Saving & Making Money – Over $700 Per Year! I shared the 3 apps that are the big-hitters for frugal living. To simplify, I just starting using the apps that are worth it!

My Top Tip for Having a Productive Day {Free Printable: My Daily Planner} Do you need a Daily Planner? I shared a FREE Daily Planner that has been getting great feedback. Please take a look!

My Daily Planner


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