Productivity. Is this key? Or should this be banished from my goals during this phase of life with two little ones?

I read all the headlines: How to Get More Done in a Day. Maximize Your Mornings. How to Get Up Early. Organize Your Home. Declutter in a month. Write a Book in 30 days. (Seriously?) I see them and consider scheduling my next day accordingly. I considered scheduling each and every day out to the hour. Or more frequently…

Looking for a Balance in Daily Schedule
Schedule My Day To Every Half Hour??

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Then I look at my two daughters and reconsider. Does it matter that I have crossed 7 things off my to-do list by 8 AM? If they are my main focus, does it matter if I get anything else done?

Balance. It’s a balancing act that I’m trying to figure out. While focusing on being mom, I don’t spend as much time doing the activities I used to enjoy. I have mothering and household duties at the top of my list. This is just fine by me; it’s the most wonderful blessing I could ask for. My girls and husband are way more precious than getting on a 6 mile run. But…that doesn’t mean that I need to never workout or enjoy any other ME time. I just need to find those minutes that I’m not desperately needed by my sweet girls.

I want to get more done in a day, but not at the detriment of less quality time with my girls. How do I plan on doing this?

– Get Up Early

– Add snippets of scheduled time to my day

– Waste Less Time…this just may include time online.

– Add efficiencies and organization to my day, so I can truly ENJOY the unscheduled time with my girls. Too much of the time, I’m staring at what I need to clean, cook, and organize and it’s hard for me to sit down and give 100% of my time. A piece of this is continuing my goal to declutter and simplify the home.

What is my starting point??

Get Up Early – I’m setting a goal to get up at 6:00 AM every morning for 2 weeks. I am a night owl TO THE CORE, so this is not easy for me. Why? Getting up early starts with going to bed early. And the girls going to bed early. It’s just a continuous cycle…

I have had months of inconsistency in getting up early.

Productivity Looking for a Balance

When I am up and I have that Bonus Hour before the girls wake up, I enjoy every second and wonder why I don’t do it every morning. So here it goes! Day 1: Success!

What one change made a drastic difference on the course of my days? I decided to make the most of my mornings by creating an early morning wake-up habit. I think you should give it a shot! Read all about it here: How to Enjoy an Early, Joyful, and Productive Morning.

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