Do you feel like you do not have time to do the things you love? Or you have an old hobby that you just cannot pick up again? Or are needing a little time to just sit alone and be refreshed? If you believe that you don’t have the time, The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You* (to be released February 17) will help you to find it.

I was intrigued by a book that talks of finding the extra pockets of time in your day. I tend to read in small random increments. The author, Jessica Turner, mentioned reading a magazine while blow-drying her hair. While some may find that odd, I could relate as I have done that myself! And…I could add to the list of activites done while reading, but I will stick with reviewing the book instead of letting you think I am too odd…

The Fringe Hours Book Review

People often overlook the small pockets in their day and The Fringe Hours is a great tool to help you find the time. Time spent waiting is a perfect example. This time can be wasted so easily. If reading is the activity that you want to do in your fringe hours, keep a book with you at all times. You can catch up on your book instead of just spending the time waiting in line or waiting for your appointment.

Jessica Turner also suggests to step back and take a look at how you use your time. She asks you to reevaluate. She mentions encouraging a friend to let some of the “perfect house” go. I completely agree with her suggestion! If your life is hectic and you have little time to relax or little quality time with children, step back. Your children will remember the memories you made together much more than whether or not you completed your weekly living room dusting.

She spends a portion on a chapter focusing on using time efficiently by eliminating technology waste. I was taking notes on that section and found helpful tidbits that I will be using!

The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You* is a solid tool for figuring out how to find the time. She surveyed more than 2,000 woman prior to writing the book. She pulls in the barriers these women are facing and provides the steps to help them reevaluate their time and get back to what they love.

The Fringe Hours Book Review

I felt like The Fringe Hours would be almost perfect for a mom who works outside the home. For a stay-at-home mom like myself, it was slightly less relate-able. She speaks of her schedule (which sounds crazy and hectic) and I didn’t envy it one bit. It did not sound easy. I feel like almost every suggestion was covered in the book, but one: there was no consideration of deciding not to work. No, not as the answer to everyone! But…I feel like it should have been mentioned: maybe step back and see if there is a time in your life that you can take a few years to be home with the little ones. I would have been satisfied with a paragraph or two. Just a suggestion to step back and consider it as you reevaluate your time.

Jessica did leave an all-consuming job when she had her second child. So she DID reevaluate her work-life balance and made a change.

The Fringe Hours recommends letting go of the guilt when taking care of yourself. I think that it’s very important to do the things you love. Take the time and energy to take care of yourself. You just may have more energy and love to spread around if you have been refreshed. The Fringe Hours helps you to make the best use of your time so you can truly enjoy the activities you love.

The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You* is available February 17, 2015.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of The Fringe Hours to review and I was not financially compensated in any way for this post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

*Asterisk denotes affiliate link.

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72 comments on “The Fringe Hours: Making Time For You. A Book Review”

  1. I think I would enjoy the section about dumping the time technology wastes, but no mention of staying home? Hm, I would have thought that would have been at least metioned.

  2. It sounds like I could have written this book. I won’t tell you where I read my magazines, and I catch up on books while I do my hair, my netflix queue gets attention while I do my make-up, my daughter does her homeschooling while I work online, my laundry gets done between wake up and breakfast and then folded while doing something else. I have found lots of time this way, however, I sometimes feel that multi-tasking too much robs me of mental peace. I’m always going a million miles an hour. Trying to figure out how to finish one task at a time so I can check things off my to do list instead of feeling like I’ve got twenty things going that are half done.

    • I am with you! Multi-tasking helps to get much more done…but it’s not always the best way to go. :) It does feel nice to check something off as DONE, doesn’t it? Good luck trying to balance that all out!

  3. “Step back” is definitely something all arents should remember. We tend to give, give and never say No. Then we burn out or fall into depression. It’s not easy to say No but I have, part of why I quit my job and went solo.

    • Yes, the early morning hours are a common time to find the fringe hours that the author speaks of! I have started getting up earlier to have the early morning hours to myself also.

  4. Sounds like an interesting read, might help to be able to find a few more minutes in the day. Thank you for the motivation to get up early, just thought I’d let you know it is going well. Thanks for linking this up at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  5. Great review! I might pick this one up to read. I already steal as much fringe time as I can…including sitting at stop lights. However, I am very open to finding more time as I have began the process of chasing my dream on top of everything else this year.

  6. I’d be terrified to know how much time I spend on my phone. Especially since I started blogging. And I had the rudest awakening today after I nursed my little guy…he was playing on my lap and ducking under my phone to look at my face and get some attention. I felt awful! I usually try to get a few pins or tweets out while he nurses- 2 birds 1 stone- but to see his cute little face at 9 months old, trying to look around the phone in my face just about broke my heart. I try to find some balance, but I need an UnPlug Day! Annddd maybe some tips out of this book ;)

  7. Great review! I have seen many people recommending this book. It’s in my “to read” list.
    Definitely still have a lot to learn about time management! Technology is one of my weaknesses too!
    Visiting from Living 31 Link Up! Have a an amazing week! x

  8. What a great review. I think I am one of the ones who claims I have absolutely no time to myself or for things I want to do, but in reality I just don’t have good time management skills. I think I will be adding this book to my collect it sounds right up my alley.

  9. I totally need this book! It sounds like a very informative and helpful read. Very interesting indeed.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    PS- I read while blog drying my hair too and I surf Pinterest while biking on my recumbent exercise bike.

    • Unless I’m outside on a run, I love multitasking when working out! I’m usually reading on the bike or elliptical also. :)

    • Brushing teeth too! Doesn’t everyone? Last night I tried to NOT read my book while brushing my teeth to see if I could do it. I got bored. ;)

  10. I never seem to get enough reading time, and when I have a moment, I need to get in the Word. Thank you so much for this review. I feel like it actually saves me time when others suggest good books to tackle rather than me wandering through store aisles:) Have a wonderful day!!

    • Yes, it’s important to prioritize time in the Word! Thank you for mentioning.

      If you need book suggestions, I can give you some! If it saves you time wandering. ;) Although it can be enjoyable to wander a bookstore…I also have a few recommended reads on my blog on the right sidebar.

  11. What a wonderful review! I love the concept of the book and am curious to see how it would relate to my life in this stage. I am currently working 26 hours a week from home and expecting baby #2 in a few weeks. I miss many activities that I did in college (such as ultimate frisbee) and want to pick some of that back up this year. I definitely need to anticipate the changes in my life with this new baby, I think hobby technology will need to get pushed aside, since I work from the computer.
    Thanks for sharing this book and linking up!

  12. Hi there! So glad to visit you from Kelly Balarie’s place! I’m intrigued by this book. It’s such an applicable topic for busy women. Thanks for taking us through the books main points with your slant on it as a stay at home mom. Blessings on your week. (Hope you find those pockets of time. I want to do that as well!)

  13. I was also on the launch team & very much enjoyed the book. I was a stay at home mom & now that my children are married, I watch my granddaughters while their parents work. I found this book to be encouraging to carve out time by which to feed my own soul and to do so without guilt. I am glad I stopped by to read your thoughts on the book as well. It was a great read!

  14. I can’t say I’ve blow dried my hair while reading (that would take some skill) but I do read while brushing my teeth. Can’t help myself… Thanks for this balanced review. The book sounds like so many of us can relate. May you find some fringe hours yourself this week. :)

  15. I’ve been looking for some extra time in my day, and I think I’ll have to check this book out. Thanks for the review – there’s so much to read out there, and this helps a great deal!

  16. This is an interesting thought because I am always looking for more time. I feel like I run at a deficit sometimes. THank you for sharing this and thank you for joining the #RaRalinkup at Purposeful Faith.

  17. I can use all the help I can get in finding pockets of time to do ANYTHING…so I’m sure this book would speak to me. And I’m a professional at bathroom reading. ;) Thanks for linking-up this week. xo

  18. This is something I struggle with, but I know it is important. I just wrote a post about serving others but included a precaution based on 1 Timothy 5:8, that calls us to take care of our own household before helping outside of the home. We can’t do that very effectively if we aren’t doing anything to take care of ourselves in the process. Thanks for the recommendation! I found you at the Mom 2 Mom Monday Link-up. :)

  19. We could all use our time better and a book addressing that would be good.I liked what you said about the author not speaking to a mom considerinv being a say at home mom.

  20. I first heard of this book from Crystal Paine and I preordered it – I cannot wait for it to get here! Thank you so much for this detailed review – I really cannot wait to dig into this book (especially the technology time waste).

  21. I appreciate how that you were able to give a candid and thorough reveiw of the book and how it applied to your life. There is quite a difference in the perspective of a SAHM and a working momma, woman, and wife. The title has me intrigued.
    Thanks for sharing the review!

    • Yes, I think the book will be applied in a different way depending on your situation! There were points that would apply to both SAHM & working outside the home moms.

  22. I’ve seen this book mentioned on social media, and was curious. Thank you for writing about it. I think it sounds like something I would like to read. I’m a stay at home mom too, so I also like to at see mentions of that option for moms.

  23. I also read & reviewed The Fringe Hours as part of the launch team. It truly was a wonderful book & is helpful for any woman who needs to learn & make time for herself in the course of her busy days. I enjoyed reading your review :)

  24. I think I’d like this book! I always try to have reading material with me to make the most of my time, but I’m interested to see what other suggestions are in the book. Thanks for sharing!

  25. What a great review! It’s a great premise what the author is promoting, and it something that all parents should consider thinking about. Time for ourselves is so fleeting, so it’s nice to have options to explore that. Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely have to look this up and peruse through it more!

  26. I just finished reading this. I agree with you, that working moms can probably relate more to the life that Jessica lives. I actually read the book because I’m not busy. I’ve always tried to create quiet time and space in my day, but all around me I see my friends running from activity to activity. They are burned out and overwhelmed. I don’t know exactly why I have chosen to live at a slower pace, but I thought reading the book might help me to articulate this to my busy friends. And for that reason, I do think that I found some helpful ways to explain myself as I examined why I make the choices that I do. It might be worth reading for that reason too…

    • I think there is value in living a slower placed life. Yes, there will be busy, hectic times, but I think it’s great to prioritize your time and limit the burn out and overwhelm.

      What a wonderful reason to read the book! I’m happy that you read the book with the purpose to share the info with your friends. I hope you are able to have some great conversation around it. Good luck. :)

  27. I spent nine years at home with my kids and just went back to work, I think that I have more time for myself now that my kids are in school and I have that commute to work, it is guaranteed me-time. I love the Overdrive app on my phone because I can read or listen to books on it, without shelling out money to buy books or tapes. My husband loves to listen to books on tape, while cleaning, which is a win-win for everybody. Thank you for sharing this great book and thanks for linking up to Awesome Life Friday!

    • I listened to books on my commute prior to having kiddos. I loved that! Now books on tape while cleaning…that does sound like a win-win!! I should consider that…

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