My Goals…I cannot imagine why anyone else would want to read about my goals. (How is that for an introductory sentence that will rope you into reading…) But I do find myself enjoying reading goal lists. I find encouragement hearing what others are desiring to focus on. It gives me ideas for something new I want to try. It helps me reflect on my goals and desires.

Goals are great to help me remain focused. Sharing the goals here will help to hold me accountable. It may motivate you to consider setting your own goals?

In One Simple Task to Help You Follow Through On Your Goals I mention that writing it down is key to following through. If I don’t write it down, it often won’t get done. Aside from reading daily to my daughter and reading through the book of Proverbs, I did not set any goals for the month of January. Not a big deal. I don’t think there is anything magical about setting life-changing goals as of the first of the year. But…I’m ready to get back into in for February!

My February Goals

Record kiddo bedtime. Goal: 7:45.  We have been dealing with major 3 year-old meltdowns. Some of this is due to her just being tired. I feel responsible that we need to work on this! We are better than we used to be, but I want to focus on getting her to bed earlier. I have a feeling that this will help with any current behavior issues. Goal time is 7:45 for 2 weeks, then we will reevaluate.

Record wake-up and bedtimes again. I was doing this in December when I started my early morning waking habit. I stopped writing this down as I was waking up early with no issues, but my bedtime slowly started moving back to midnight. And now I’m tired! The goal is to move my wake-up time to 5:30 at some point, but that cannot happen if I continue to go to bed too late.

Computer Shut-Down. Computer needs to be off at 10:30 5 days per week. (It’s 11:30 as I write this…but it’s still January! So I’m OK.)

Make Top 3 Morning Tasks list each evening. I’m much more efficient with my time if I wake up knowing what I want to get done before the girls get up. If you want to join me on this one, feel free to use My Daily Planner 2015 to write down your list.

God’s Word. Read one chapter per day in: Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians. This is only 20 chapters, so I will have to add another book or two towards the end of February. I realize that one chapter per day is not a lot. I desire to get better at studying God’s Word, not just quick reading the chapter and retaining little.

Books. Finish The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You (to be released February 17). Read one book. I’m considering Peace Like a River.

Screen Time. I’m a rockstar with limiting this for my girls. I’m terrible with it for myself. So while my three year old has little (or practically NO) screen time, I’m a poor example. Often it may just be a 30 second check on my phone (or sometimes way longer), but I don’t think that it’s necessary to be obsessed with checking my phone so often. So I will record how many hour windows I can go without checking my phone or computer.

Exercise. Cardio (running or elliptical) – 3 days per week at minimum. Burpees – On non-cardio days, do 40 burpees. (Read here how burpees helped me get back into a fitness routine.)

Drink 64 ounces of water. Since starting the blog, I spend more time on the computer at naptime. I typically make a second pot of coffee around 2 PM. The more coffee I drink, the less water I drink.

One-on-one outing/time with each girl. Once during the month of February.

Weekly “Date” night with hubby. Going out once per week isn’t realistic, but we can be more intentional and have a movie night or game night each weekend. (Game of choice: typically cribbage. We have a tally of who wins going back to the dating days.)

Enjoy more outdoor time. Minnesota is COLD. Bundling the girls up in the winter always feels like so much work, but the outdoor time is great for everyone. I want to make sure the girls get out to play once a week in February. (Here is hoping that we don’t have any weeks below zero!)

Blog Goals. Getting better at planning ahead and scheduling out posts. Focus on content. Improve categorization and improve site navigation.

I wish I could just make a quick bullet list. I don’t know why I feel the need to expand. When I talk, I have no problem being brief…not so much when I’m writing!

Now onto the fun part…making a spreadsheet to track my goals and progress.

February Goals spreadsheet

Do you make monthly goals? Feel free to link to your goals in a comment. I would love to read them!

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63 comments on “February Goals”

  1. Oh, goals. Goals are such good things, but they sure can feel so overwhelming at times. Although I don’t make similar type goals, I know that I do thrive on a bit of a routine. I do try to keep in check the amount of screen time I have versus face time I’m giving to Baby Boy. There are rules that aren’t really written, but understood. No screens when we’re eating. We talk about our screen time, not in the amount, but more on the subjects we’re engaging when we’re using our technology. But we also play, and we set other limits and we encourage and support one another when we’re working towards goals. :)

  2. I love your goals!! I’m currently doing a study on Titus from SheReadsTruth, but it’s only an 11 day study, so I need to pick my next book. Our youngest is almost 3 & we are having the same bedtime struggles you are! It’s encouraging to be reminded that other parents are having the same struggles and that we aren’t alone! :)

  3. such great goals! i love the computer shut down & screen time! it is so easy to be sucked in & spend WAY too much time on phones & computers!! it’s crazy!

    one of my goals is more water also!! i drink too much coffee & not enough water!

  4. Great goals! I love goal posts, too because it helps me figure out what I need to be working on! Thanks for sharing and good luck! You can do it!

  5. I’m so glad you took time to share your goals! I love reading about the goals others are setting – it helps me stay motivated and gives me good inspiration! I really need to adopt your drink 64 oz of water a day goal. If only coffee counted… ;)

  6. I like to read others goals too! Ugh…drinking water is sooo hard for me!! I am constantly in a state of dehydration I’m sure because of it. I just don’t think oabout it or I go to the kitchen and someone else needs something or a little one will drink out of my water, etc

  7. What a great list!! :D I love the idea of tracking wakeup and bedtime. I am often tired during the day, but then kick into a weird wanting-to-stay-up-late mode after my son is in bed. Why does that happen? I love playing 2 person games with my hubby :) We used to play cribbage while we were dating, but haven’t played in awhile — I would need a refresher! hehe We’ve been playing Phase 10 lately. It’s fun to play a game while you chat and catch up. It makes life feel so much more simple and it’s refreshing! Thanks for linking up your goals on Mitchael Journey — I totally agree, it is so beneficial to simply write it out and have to give an account at the end of the month!
    Blessings to you as you spend time with your family and grow in studying God’s word!
    ~Andrea from Mitchael Journey

    • Thanks for reading, Andrea! If you can figure out why that “wanting-to-stay-up-late” mode happens, please let me know. :) It’s SO hard for me to kick the habit.

  8. I love reading other peoples goals and finally did a goals post myself this month!! It really does help to write them down. Let me tell you, I could add every single one of your goals to my list! Wow! Good luck!

  9. I like reading other peoples goals too. Perhaps it makes you realize we are not as weird as we think on certain things and that other people struggle in similar areas. Whatever the reason, thanks for sharing this week on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! Have a lovely week!

    • Thanks for reading! I’m doing better than I thought on the computer shut-down goal…but it is only February 3.

  10. Great goals! I’m trying to do a lot of similar things with bedtime/wake up routine with our kids…my daughter is slowly not napping and it’s been killer at night. Good luck with all the goals!

    Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Talk!

  11. New blogger here, my goal is to try and understand this blogger world. Love writing, but this social media, killing me . . . love your post . . . keep going!

    • There is a lot to learn with social media! Keep going with your writing! I read your letter to your mother. It was very dear!

  12. Wow! You are really efficient!

    I’m from the “Weekly Wishes” link up, and you’ve just inspired me to add more goals to my list! I think it’s great that you’re so attentive to not just your girls’ needs, but yours too!

    In trying to limit your screen time, there’s a chrome extension called, “Stay Focused.” I’ve found it really helpful when school is in session.

    Likewise, there’s probably an app for your phone to record the time you use it.

    Good luck with this month’s goals! =]

    • I have considered finding a program or app to track time or help limit screen time. Thanks for the suggestion!

  13. I am loving your goals. My goal has been to wake at 530 too and it is NOT happening. I really want to though… Looking forward to following along!

    • Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your February goals also.
      Good luck with the morning wake-up! Now that I get up before the girls, I’m loving the morning time.

  14. Wow, you have such a long list of inspiring goals! Shutting down my computer / social media at 10pm was a goal of mine for a while… but it didn’t last. I’m not very good at having arbitrary ‘deadlines’ or restrictions, I guess! I may try it again next month :-)

    Lisa | Two Martinis

    • It’s not always easy, but I know that just having the goal helps it to be on my mind more. Thanks for reading. I stopped by your blog and enjoyed it!

  15. Whew, going to bed and getting up early…those are so tough! I’m trying to do better at that too. I especially love your idea of 3 morning tasks to complete. That’s a great idea! This month my goals are all about improving my prayer life:
    Stopping by from the Women with Intention Link Up…and then I noticed you linked up with us for Tuesday Talk too! Great to connect with you! :)

  16. You are so impressing me. Love your focus. Love your drive to be better than yourself. I am so worn and that is probably the exact reason I need goals. HA! Much love to you. I am so behind you and am cheering you on as you help us get more goal focused. Thanks for being such a great part of #RaRalinkup with Purposeful Faith.

  17. When I was first laid off work 3 months ago, I was good at making a list. I didn’t want to just “vegetate”. However, I can do that if I don’t watch it.

    So, the list making and goal setting needs to start again. I hope we all get better at this, because it is beneficial. I know I need more God-time than I’ve been cultivating.

    • I have a feeling that kiddo bedtime will always be a work-in-progress for us. I’m happy to hear that it’s working for you! Thanks for reading.

  18. These are fantastic goals! I especially like the computer shut down and screen time ones! I need to take a lesson from you on those goals as I have such a problem with never stepping away from the computer these days. I wish you luck in not only meeting these goals but exceeding them as well!

    Thanks for stopping by and linking up at the SHINE Blog Hop!


    • Some days the computer shut down goal is easy (like when hubby & I start a cribbage game). Other days when I spend most of the evening on the computer, it’s much harder!

  19. I love making lists and goals! Now to get them done…I tend to make my lists too long. I struggled through January, but I tweaked my system for February and I think I’m doing a little better. Sometimes I think being your own boss is the hardest type of job.

    • My girl is the same way! Even when I want her to fall asleep sometimes…I just love the imagination! MUCH better than fussing, right?

    • If you send me your e-mail address via the contact form, I would be happy to send you the spreadsheet that I currently have set up.

  20. I have a lot that I need to do for my blog like adding plugins and organizing my sidebar. I also need to do a better job of planning posts in advance.

  21. Great to have you linking up with us. I totally agreeing writing things down is the first step to achieving them for me as well. I am forever writing lists and ticking things off as i go along. Sharing them as well and supporting ithers is a great motivator as well. Good luck this month working through your goals. I look forward to reading how you get on next month.

  22. Great list. I am trying to read my Bible more. I keep it on my nightstand to make it convenient. I am also getting back to my fitness routines. I got sick and fell off. Stinking cold!

  23. I’m a goals junkie lol. I link up my weekly goals every Monday on my blog and yes, I enjoy reading other people’s goals as well because it not only gives me ideas of goals to add to my list but it also keeps me motivated on my own. :) Thanks for linking up at Women With Intention Wednesdays! I hope to see you back this week!

  24. Wow, I am tired just reading this! I wish I had thought about recording their bedtime when they were younger, I bet I would have saved myself years of dealing with cranky, overtired children. Thanks for linking up to Awesome Life Friday!

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