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I want to tell you about a few blog tasks I’m avoiding and how I’m going to FORCE myself to do them. I know the payoff will be well worth it.

Come up with your avatar? Boring and hard to do…

Cut down and organize categories? No thanks. I have tried.

I don’t even have a tagline that makes sense. If you asked me what I blog about, I wouldn’t easily be able to tell you. (I know…shame, shame)

There are a few foundational blog tasks that I have skipped. I just don’t want to take the time. I used to move the tasks around in my calendar every single week, until I finally crossed the to-dos out because I knew I wouldn’t make it a priority.

I would rather spend my limited computer time writing a post, creating a new printable, or e-mailing my list.

BUT I know that laying the groundwork for your blog is important. Essential! As I want to see my blog grow, I know that I need to hone down on my readers and what they enjoy reading. I need to find the focus of my blog.

So what is my solution? (If you would have told me this a year ago, I would have said you were crazy) My solution is that I purchased Elite Blog Academy. (Before you say…it’s too expensive, hear me out!)

Do you think that doesn’t make sense? I will share WHY I signed up for Elite Blog Academy. I purchased EBA for two reasons.

1) Because I know her process works and will result in success. I really know that. From Ruth’s success and the success stories.

2) Because I am so cheap, purchasing EBA was a HUGE decision for me. I talked it over with my husband and got his OK. Earlier I would not have even considered purchasing if it was just $100. Seriously! By making a huge purchase, I knew that it would be instant accountability.

Enrollment is now closed. Sign up for the waiting list.

Should I sign up for Elite Blog Academy

I invest very little of my blog earnings back into the blog. I do not take the purchase lightly. I knew that I could NEVER spend the money and just leave the course untaken. I knew that if I spent the money I would take the course the way it’s suggested. And I am convinced that I will see results. 

All the successful bloggers that have taken EBA say this: Take your time and do every single task. Rosemarie (listen to her success story or check out her blog) speaks of this. She says it took many months (not weeks) to complete the course. She also said she forced herself to do every assignment regardless of whether or not she wanted to.

Ruth covers the following blueprint in Elite Blog Academy:

I am looking forward to the last 3…not the first. But I’m going to follow the plan and the tips of successful EBA alumni. I typically pick and choose when it comes to my blog tasks. And I would say that has worked for me to a point. Not with EBA. I spent the money and so I will be working through it all. (Here is my second step in accountability – telling you!)

So yes, I will need to figure out my avatar and focus the foundation of my blog. I will have to refine my message, even if I want to skip to growth, monitization, and building. And yes, I spent the money to hold me accountable.

Are there blog tasks you are avoiding?
Did you skip the foundation of your blog?
Are you struggling with growing your audience?
Do you not know where to start with monitizing?
Do you want to build a business….but are struggling with what that even means?
Do you not know what you should be doing now?
Are you trying to figure out your next step? 

It’s a big investment. I realize that. I passed up Elite Blog Academy a few times. I passed it up when it was cheaper. If you think it’s what you need for your blog, don’t continue to pass it up though. 

Elite Blog Academy also includes bonuses? The bonuses are worth $1000+ and include an exclusive Facebook group.

WHY I signed up for Elite Blog Academy Bonuses

Enrollment is now closed. Sign up for the waiting list.

Or check out one of Ruth’s free resources:

Goal Setting Workbook for Bloggers
Blog Structure Blueprint
7 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Blog Income Overnight

Why I Signed Up For Elite Blog Academy

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  1. That is quite the investment! I’m not sure that I’m ready for that level of commitment just yet. But good for you for taking the plunge! I hope it helps you!

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