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The first few months of her life, we spent much of the time outside. I was walking. She was hanging out (usually sleeping) in her stroller or baby pack. I have fond memories of being exhausted, yet happy walking for hours of the day. Both of us enjoying the fresh air. I was especially enjoying the sleeping baby.

She would accompany me on my errands. (She spent hours in Target!) I would put her in the jogging stroller and she would join me on my runs. We would go to the park. We could meet up easily with friends or family. Until my husband came home from work it was just her and I, every day. All day. I cherished having my girl as my little buddy, my sidekick.

When We Gave Our Daughter a Sister

When I was pregnant with her little sister, we could not have been more excited. We were looking forward to having another little one to love and giving her a sibling. We had nothing but joy in our hearts.

I knew that our relationship would change when her little sister was born. I had spent practically every minute of every day with her, usually just the two of us. She was my company.

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Girls Moms

I am excited to be a part of Beth’s Girl Mom Series. I enjoyed stopping by to share about my life as a mom of two daughters.

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20 comments on “When We Gave Our Daughter a Sister”

  1. My daughter was 18 months when her sister arrived. It was actually really hard to enjoy the second one at first, but now that she is older, I just love on both of them all the time. They are such little angels. What a beautiful relationship you had with your daughter before the second arrived!

  2. Emily, I read your post at Our Pretty Little Girls, and it is both touching and oh-so-true! I remember when I had my second baby and how I mourned so for my 18 month old. I now have 5, and I can tell you, you mourn for each. But, new bonds are formed and new seasons to mourn appear. Along with new seasons to rejoice! God bless you and your beautiful family! – Letetia

    • Thank you!! With a baby around you DO miss the older sibling, even though they are right there!

      New bonds, new seasons to mourn and new seasons to rejoice…thanks for sharing that!! Lots to rejoice about. :)

    • Thanks, Tiffany! While I did have a little sadness, having two is such a blessing! I still have a strong bond with my oldest. That hasn’t changed! I just looked different for a little bit.

  3. Hey! We are neighbors at the RaRaLinkUp today! I posted a comment over at Beth’s site too but I really do love this. I have a sister and we are best of friends… there was a phase when it wasn’t like that… but it didn’t last long and now we get to laugh and joke about it!! Such blessings girls are :)

    • Yes, they are blessings!

      I am bracing for the years that they may not get along! I hope they will also be the best of friends!

  4. What a beautiful post, thank you for sharing with us at Good Morning Mondays. What a blessing to have another little girl to hold and love. Enjoy your time with them. Blessings

  5. Love this, I remember walking that very same journey! So so thankful that you shared this on Making Memories Mondays!

  6. I remember those days with found memories, I sometimes wish I could turn the clock back and just have them back as little kids instead of grown adults! Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness link party :)

    • I already wish to be able to turn back the clock and they are still so young. I cannot imagine what that will be like when they are grown adults!

  7. Even if you prepare for it, kids still have a big adjustment period when their little sibling comes along. Thanks for sharing your story :)

    Thanks for sharing at #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup, I’ve pinned to our board and hope you come back to link up again this week!

  8. This is such a beautiful post. And it immediately brought me back to the day before I had my son. My daughter was 3 and I cried almost all day thinking about the fact that I was about to change her life by giving her a sibling. Turns out they are buddies and she is a wonderful big sister. But wow that day was rough and pretty scary for me. Thanks for linking up at MeetUp Monday!

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