While I enjoy traveling, I almost enjoy the planning and anticipation as much as the trip itself. Not entirely, but I love the process of planning and organizing trips.

Do you enjoy it? Or dread it?

Travel Planner Printables

Organize your next vacation or trip with this Travel Planner. This 7-page printable packet will help you to organize the details, record your flights and accommodations, plan your itinerary, set a travel budget and record expenses, and journal through your trip.

The printable is available in 3 different colors.

Travel Planner Printables

Use the 7-page printable packet to:

  • Organize the details of your trip
  • Record your flights and accommodations
  • Plan your packing to ensure you don’t forget anything
  • Plan your weekly and daily itinerary
  • Set a travel budget and record expenses
  • Journal through your trip

Travel Planner Printables

Here is what is included in the Travel Journal Printable Packet:

– Travel Details – Record your flight and lodging details. List the places you want to hit for eating, shopping, and playing.

– Weekly Itinerary – Write down a big-picture itinerary for your week. Each day is broken down by Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.

Travel Planner Printables (7)

– Packing List (get this page free here!) – Use this page to list all the items you want to bring. There are sections for Clothing, Toiletries, and Miscellaneous.

Travel Planner Printables (1)

– Daily Itinerary  – This itinerary page breaks down your day by Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. This page allows you to write down your plan or ideas for where to eat, where to shop, and where to play. There is also a section for additional notes.

– Daily Itinerary – This page is perfect for you if you want an even more detailed plan for each day. You can write down the day’s plan in 30-minute increments.

Travel Planner Printables (6)

– Daily Journal – Record the highlights of each day and reflect on the fun you are having!

– Travel Budget – Plan our your budget by the following categories: Transportation, Accommodations, Meals, Activities & Entertainment, and Miscellaneous.

Travel Planner Printables (8)

The 7-page Travel Printable Planner is available for…pick your own price. Yes, name your price and you will get all 3 colors of this printable.

Pick Your Price

Plan your next trip! Share in the comments where you will be traveling to next.

Travel Planner Printables. Organize your next vacation or trip with this Travel Planner. Includes printables for: Travel Details, Weekly Itinerary, Daily Itinerary, Packing List, Daily Journal, Travel Budget,

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19 comments on “Travel Planner Printables”

  1. Love these printables! We have a big trip planned in July so I will use these to plan. I’m a planner too so these will be perfect for our vacation!

  2. It’s so frustrating that vacations can often take a lot of work and be stressful. Printables like these help so much!
    I’ve used a packing list for years (I have one for me and one for the kids). They are lifesavers!

    • Yes, packing lists are so helpful! I used a spreadsheet for a while that was nice because I could just add or delete rows depending on the trip.

  3. These printables look so helpful! I love the fact that you offer them in 3 different colors too. I personally don’t have a color printer and the printables that are offered in pastel colors don’t print well on a laser printer! Hope you get to use for a fun trip this summer!

  4. Thanks for sharing these lists – I definitely over pack, but usually it’s clothes! Read this post after checking out your About Me page from #SHINE100.

  5. Thanks for sharing this – I wish I had this when I went to Nashville. I definitely overpack when it comes to clothes! Read your post after checking out your About Me page from #SHINE100

  6. I also LOVE the process of planning for a trip. Even as a child (I’m 55), i remember making lists and started weeks before the family vacation, making little piles of what i would take.
    I’m going to California in July. Then my daughter and I are going to Italy in September 2017. So i will need all the help i can get! Thanks for your lists!

  7. What a neat idea! I love these printables! Thank you for sharing them on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! :)

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