Save over $700 per year with just 3 apps!

I cherish being a stay-at-home mom and never doubt that it’s the best choice for our family. But…living on one income is not always easy. We feel that the sacrifice is worth it. I love looking for opportunities to save money and make money in creative ways.

Today I will share my 3 favorite apps for saving and making money. All 3 are apps that I currently use.

Top 3 Apps for Saving and Making Money. Ibotta, Cartwheel, Field Agent

ibotta *

I made $298.00 in less than 16 months. Including $71.00 in August alone! Annual approximation: $223.50

ibotta app save 298

Ibotta is so great that it deserves its own post. I will follow up with more info on this stellar savings app. Here is a quick summary:

The app gives actual cash back (rebates) at multiple stores. I use it most often at Target and Whole Foods; it’s also accepted at Walmart, Walgreens, Costco, The Honest Co., Best Buy, Sephora, The Body Shop and the list goes on.

Browse the app and find the rebates that you want. You have to do a super-quick task (which takes seconds). Example: take a poll or learn a fact.

Most of the rebates are for brand items. Here are just few current examples: Chobani, Enjoy Life, Green Works, and Swiffer. Most rebates are in the $0.25 to $2.00 range, but I have scored $6.00 on ONE item! There are also “Any Brand” rebates for items like milk, bread, eggs.

One of the reasons I use this app so often is because of the brand varieties available. And more than just groceries! Many other apps like this offer foods and brands that I do not often purchase as they are highly processed convenience foods. Ibotta offers a large range of products, often including organic items. Do you see how I received $71 cash back in August? They had multiple rebates for Plum Organic baby food and I took full advantage.

Ibotta has sweet bonuses that can add up quickly…more on that in my more detailed how-to save with ibotta post.

Target Cartwheel

I saved $264.05 in 14 months. Annual approximation: $226.33

Cartwheel is an app available to use at Target. It’s basically a pick-your-own-coupon app. You select the offers that you want and you get a discount. The list of discounts you can receive is extensive. A majority of the deals are 5% off, but there are also deals from 20-50% off. (I do not remember seeing higher than 50%, but it’s possible there have been higher deals).

If I purchase 20 items at Target, I could get discounts on anywhere from 4-5 items or on a good day, all 20. It is dependent on what items you are buying. Many staples are basically always on the app. You can scan items in store to find out if they are on Cartwheel. Super slick!

Major perk: you do not have to use a smartphone. You can select your offers from your computer at home and then print the barcode to bring with you to Target.

Here is my more detailed review on How to use Target Cartwheel.

Field Agent

I made $133.50 in approximately 6 months. Annual approximation: $267.00

field agent save 133.50

Now this is fun. You log into Field Agent’s app and find jobs in your area. There are audits, price checks, surveys, scavenger hunts and more. There are occasional opportunities to test products. I check the app anytime I go out and see if there are any jobs I’m interested in. Sometimes it is as easy as taking a few quick pictures at Target. I have even taken a quick 5 minute survey in the comfort of my own home and made a few bucks.

My favorite job was buying and testing diapers. I was reimbursed for the cost of a scale and diapers. Free diapers, free scale and it was a fun task.

I tell my daughter that we are going on “Field Agent Investigations”. She just might think they are as fun as I do.

Here is my follow-up post with more tips and tricks on how to save with ibotta.

How to Save Money With Ibotta. A step-by-step guide.

Here is my follow-up post on how to use Target Cartwheel.

 How to use Target Cartwheel app. I have saved over $700 with this savings app.

Do you have any apps to add? What apps have saved you hundreds of dollars? What apps have helped you make money?

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*Please note that the ibotta link above is a referral link. I receive a small referral bonus if you sign up and receive an offer. If for any reason you would prefer to go straight to ibotta, feel free! Otherwise, thanks for supporting Morning Motivated Mom!

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36 comments on “Top 3 Apps for Saving & Making Money – Over $700 Per Year!”

  1. oh wow…these seem darn cool and great apps. I have to check them out, I use receipt hog, but need more money. Thansk. Happy Saturday Sharefest

    • Yes, they are! I use Receipt Hog also. It’s nice that it’s free money and you don’t have to submit certain offers…but it takes a LONG time to add up.

  2. All I knew of was checkout 51 but that was such a hassle I gave up. I do love my cartwheel and I am going to check out the others thanks for the tips.

    • I have used checkout51 also. It just doesn’t add up nearly as quickly! I still submit a receipt to checkout 51 each week as there are always bananas on there. Otherwise I don’t often check it. I highly suggest ibotta!

  3. I’ve never tried Ibotta or Field Agent, but I love Cartwheel. I’ll have to check these out! Thanks for linking up with us for Tuesday Talk! – Jess

  4. Great list! I’m going to check out field agent for sure. Another one I like is receipt hog.. you just snap pictures of your receipts and earn points towards gift cards. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have looked into Ibotta and Target Cartwheel but have never done much with them. It looks like I should spend some time with them! Thank you for sharing :D

    • I recently added a more detailed post on ibotta. Take a look if you have more questions regarding how it works!

  6. I have ibotta but haven’t really used it too much. I’m confused on how to submit a receipt or do you just do the tasks to get the rebates? Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup and hope you join us again this weekend! Pinning to our linkup board.

    • Once you do the task, it unlocks the rebate. After you make your purchases, select “Redeem” at the bottom of the app (the check mark). It then asks you to select the store and verify the purchases (by scanning the barcode). Then you take a picture of the receipt and you are done. Does that help?

  7. This is such a great resource! We LOVE the Cartwheel app and since we use Target diapers, I appreciate the savings I get from the app on diaper supplies. I am excited because I’ve never heard of the other two, which means I get to try something new! Thanks for sharing at the Sat. Soiree! You’re featured this week!

  8. I use Ibotta. Love it! I don’t have a Target near by. I only get there 2-4 times a year, if that. I hadn’t heard of Field Agent before. Downloading it now!

    (visiting from Frugal Friday)

  9. Hi! Thanks for the post, when I clicked on the Ibotta link, it says sorry Ibotta only works in the UNITED STATES. I don’t know if you are aware of the issue but wanted to let you know!

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