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52 Week Money Saving Challenge

Are you familiar with the 52 Week Money Saving Challenge? I like the idea of a savings challenge, but I am not 100% on board with how it is set up. The typical plan challenges you to save $1 the first week, $2 the second week…until you save $52 the last week of the year. It’s a simple way to save an additional $1,378 in 52 weeks, but I do see how this can be a struggle when December rolls around.

52 Week Money Saving Challenge Printables

Compare what you are saving the first 4 weeks of the year to the last 4 weeks of the year.

  • During the first 4 weeks, you save a total of $10. Average: $2.50 per week.
  • During the last 4 weeks, you save a total of $202. Average: $50.50 per week. 

Saving $2.50 per week is probably not a huge struggle. $50.50 per week may be harder to accomplish, especially considering that this takes place in December.

I created a 52-Week Money Saving Challenge Printable back in 2014. The original printable was for the year 2015, but now I have an undated version for you to use any year. You can start this challenge at any point throughout the year.

The original 52-Week Money Saving Challenge ($1 per week, $2 per week, etc.) results in a savings of $1,378 in a year. You will still end up saving $1,378 with this updated challenge, but it will be easier to save when you spread it out. 

If you do decide to start this challenge in January, this schedule will be much easier as you will be set up to save the least amount in December. You will save $110 during each 4-week cycle, with an exception of the last 4 weeks of the year. If money is tight in December, you will feel relief! This schedule asks you to save only $58 during the last 4 weeks. You will only have to set aside $8 in your budget to save the last week of the year. $8 is much easier than $52!52 Week Money Saving Challenge Printables FREE Printable52 Week Money Saving Challenge

I am also including the reverse version of the original challenge. Save $52 the first week, $51 the second week…until you save $1 the last week. Pick the schedule that works best for you.

52 Week Money Saving Challenge Reverse Printable

FREE Printable: 52 Week Money Saving Challenge_Reverse

It can be easier to make saving a priority when you know what your goals are. Writing down your goals can make you feel more accountable. At the bottom of the printable, there is a place to write down your savings goal.

Write down what you are saving for: Mortgage? Vacation? Home updates? College fund? Credit card debt? Feel free to share in the comments:

Why are you saving? What is your goal?

Do you need to establish financial goals, develop a budget and stick to it, kill off debt, and get clear on what your financial picture looks like? Check out the Real Life Money Plan eCourse by Jessi at jessifearon.com.

Here is more info on the course:

  • The course includes 13 video lessons.
  • This is a self-paced online course, which means that you can take this course at your leisure. There is no time restriction on when you can start.
  • There is a 25 page pdf workbook to accompany the course that acts as practical application for the lessons you will learn in the course. 
  • There are bonus trainings that will walk you through setting up a zero-balanced budget and reconciling your bank statements. 
  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy for whatever reason, you get a refund. 

She is gifted at encouragement and is an enthusiastic teacher. If you have ANY desire to design a money plan that fits your life, I suggest you check out her eCourse.

I had the opportunity to view Jessi’s course and her passion for helping you is so evident. She asks you to commit and not just go through the motions as she wants you to succeed! She wants you to focus on progress, not past failures. She will motivate you to move forward with the best decisions for YOU.

Jessi’s work has been featured on Buzzfeed, Rockstar Finance, TIME/Motto Magazine, Money Saving Mom, and The Penny Hoarder. 

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52 Week Savings Challenge Printable. Save money every week and track your progress on the printable

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Automate Your Savings Plan

Why You Should Automate Your Savings Plan. Resource Page including free Automatic Savings Printable Worksheet.

I am excited to be a contributor in The Budget Mama’s 21 Days to a Better Budget series.

Yesterday I shared Why You Should Automate Your Savings Plan

Why You Should Automate Your Savings Plan

It seems bold to say that making savings automatic can save you thousands of dollars, but it most definitely can. Here is my experience from two loans we paid off.

We had a student loan with a monthly payment of approximately $85. This was withdrawn automatically from our checking account every month. We decided to pay off the student loan with a portion of our savings and had every intention to put the monthly $85 into a savings account for our daughters’ schooling. We paid off the loan…and did nothing else.

That was 3 years ago. Because we didn’t immediately set up an account for saving the $85 we ended up spending the money each month. We missed out on over $3,000 in our daughters’ education savings accounts! By skipping the simple step of making it automatic, we ended up spending the $85 each month instead of saving it.

A year ago, we paid off a second student loan. We didn’t make the same mistake again. We paid off the loan and immediately set up a monthly recurring transfer to the Education Savings account we set up. Within a year, we now have an additional $1,380 in the account because we set up the automatic payment.

The Capital One 360 account currently offers a $25 Bonus on new accounts.

Make the decision to save, but then go the next step and make it automatic. If the payment is not automatic, it’s much easier to think: This month is tight, I will save next month.

Read the rest of the post here

Check out the Automatic Savings Resource Page for a free Automatic Savings Worksheet.

Automatic Savings Worksheet


Automate Your Savings Plan with Free Printable Worksheet

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How to Organize Your Bills

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Near the top of my list of things that I will never pay for is late fees. OK…I am not including library late fees in this category. I will pay the occasional quarter so I can finish a book.

It does not make sense to me to have to pay additional money because I forgot or because I was disorganized.

With the amount of mail and e-mail we all have coming our way, it could be easy to misplace a bill. With a packed calendar, it could be easy to have bill paying be pushed to the side. Setting up a bill paying system that works for you can eliminate forgotten bills and late payments.

One single system will not work for everyone. I will share my quick and simple system and then give you a few suggestions in figuring out the flow that works for you. There will even be a few printables to help you organize your bill paying life!

How to Organize Your Bills. Bill Organization Printables.

When a bill enters our home, I immediately do one of two things with it.

  • I open the bill, go online to pay it, and then file the bill. If it is an automatic payment, I just record and file. It just takes a few minutes and it’s done. Touching the bill once is quick and efficient. There is no chance of missing the payment if I paid the bill the minute I received it! If you have a paperless home, you would have to add scanning the bill in as your last step. 
  • If I decide not to pay the bill right then and there, I do not just throw the bill in a pile on the kitchen table. I fear that I would miss the due date or lose the bill if I did not have a specific place for all bills. I simply check the due date on the bill, write a note on my calendar (I use the Tools4Wisdom Planner) a few days before the due date and then place on my desk in the “To Pay” file. As the due date approaches, I see on my calendar that I have a bill due and pay it when I have the time.

Here are a few tips to remember when making sure you pay your bills on time.

  • Have one designated area for all the “To Pay” bills – an accordion file, folder, 3-ring binder.
  • Don’t be afraid to play around with your payment dates. We had our mortgage and our credit card payment due around the same day each month. I called to have our credit card payment date switched so we now have our two largest payments evenly spread throughout the month. Or maybe you prefer to have your bills all due around the same time of the month for ease. Note that you will not be able to do this for all your bills, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • If you have multiple credit card payments to keep track of, consider simplifying and cut back on the number of credit cards you use. If you have different credit cards due to the various reward programs, but have trouble keeping track of paying your bills on time, then you need to rethink the number of credit cards you have. A late fee could quickly wipe out any rewards earned.
  • Communicate! If bill paying is not a shared responsibility, keep the non-bill paying member in the loop. While I am responsible for paying the bills in our home (because I enjoy it!), my husband and I sit down and I go through our finances regularly so he knows what is going on and he could take over the bill paying if necessary.
  • Have a system to keep track of automatic payments. (Printables below!) Do you live by a home organization binder and want to pull bill paying into your organizational system? I have created a few free printables for you to use.

Bill Payment Checklist How to Organize Your Bills

Pre-Authorized Payment Record How to Organize Your Bills 
Username & Password List How to Organize Your Bills. Username and Password List.

My system is quick and simple. It works for me. How do you keep your bills organized and paid on time?

Do you need to establish financial goals, develop a budget and stick to it, kill off debt, and get clear on what your financial picture looks like? Check out the Real Life Money Plan eCourse by Jessi at jessifearon.com.

How to Organize Your Bills. Bill Organization Printables.

Back to School: First Day of School Printable

Are you ready for Back to School? It’s time to find the First Day of School sign to help capture the day. Check out the printable then go to the end of the post for a Back to School Blog Hop.

Here is a free printable (dated 2015 or undated) for the first day of school:

Back to School: First Day of School Printable
Free: First Day of School Printable PDF

Back to School: First Day of School Printable

Free: First Day of School 2015 Printable PDF 

Back to School: First Day of School Printable
FREE: Pink First Day of School Printable PDF

Back to School: First Day of School Printable

FREE: Pink First Day of School 2015 Printable PDF

I have also created a set of printables that includes all grades from preschool through 8th grade.

The entire set of preschool through 8th grade is available here. You will receive both the 2015 version and the undated version. There are 22 printables included in the PDF. Each set of 22 printables is available in Blue/Red/Yellow OR Teal/Pink/Purple. Update: Full packets no longer available.

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Handmade Gift for Dad – My Dad Printable Page

My Dad Printable Page

Prior to Mother’s Day I shared an All About My Mom printable page. {I recently added a version for grandma.} Of course, I had to create one for dads too. Many dads work tirelessly supporting and loving their family. What stands out to your child?

You may never know the dear things a child thinks about dad until you ask them. Here is a fun way to find out. With these questions, you will find out what acts of love are the ones that stand out for your child!

This printable will capture the little one’s thoughts on dad. I am looking forward to asking our almost four year old about her dear daddy! It’s the perfect project to do as a handmade gift for dad this Father’s Day.

Handmade Gift for Dad - My Dad Printable Page

While this may be a fun present for a dad to receive, I have a feeling that more of the enjoyment will come in future years. It will be fun to look back and see how the kiddos responded.

Do not forget to add the little one’s age at the bottom. If you go back and read this in future years, I hope you will laugh and smile as you read it!

Print free printable here:

All About My Dad Printable

Grandpa Version also available:

My Grandpa Printable Page

My Grandpa Printable

I have compiled all my printables in one place! Check them out here:

Free Printables for your home and family.