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I am working on a Summer Goals or Summer Plans printable and would love your input before I post. Vote for which one you like the best!

Also – Summer Goals or Summer Plans? Which term do you like the best. I like the term GOALS for many reasons…but also don’t think that summer should be a completely goal-oriented season. We need plenty of rest, relaxation, and unplanned time too!

ONE of the readers who votes will win a copy of Your Morning Manual, my Health & Wellness Planner, or my Travel Planner. The winner gets to pick which one they want!

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Entrepreneur and mompreneur friends:

Do you multi-task? I often do, but I am also learning more and more about how inefficient it can be. As a mom, it can be essential. But when trying to set goals or move forward, it’s not best!

I recently watched a video that referred to “context switching” and it opened my eyes to how inefficient I can be at times! I have little time on the computer these days, so when I sit down and constantly switch from task to task I am not making the best use of my time. This loss of time adds up!

Is this you?? Your mind has to switch gears every time you switch from task to task. 

When I sit down to do work I need to make sure I am being as efficient as I can be. After watching this video I am going to try and focus in more on the ONE task I’m working on.

If you have a home business, blog, MLM business, start-up idea, or even just have a project you want to run efficiently or a goal you want to pursue, I recommend that you sign up to watch this video. If you are constantly jumping from project to project or from task to ask, you will find value in the video! (I watched it through two times.) Todd shares:

– The 3 reasons why SMART goals can sabotage your success.

– The hidden “leak” in your day-to-day routine that may be robbing you of up to 80% of your productive efficiency. (I am guilty of this one!!)

– The “Nike Paradox” and why the pervasive “just do it” business battlecry is short sighted and even disastrous in helping you sustain long term, continual achievement.

– Why setting goals beyond 90 days sucks all the air out of your motivation, leads to crippling procrastination, and goes against the way your brain is naturally wired.

– The subtle differences between the OW and WOW mindsets, and how with just a few simple tweaks you can move from a self-sabotaging, anxiety-driven entrepreneur caught in the constant comparison trap… to a confident, motivated, constantly-improving high performer.

Sign up for the video 

OR read more about my thoughts on how your mindset matters here.

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