Welcome to Morning Motivated Mom! Thank you for visiting. I am Emily and I live in the Midwest with my husband and two daughters, ages one and three. I am constantly seeking to be intentional with my time and money. I am striving to find balance in life: in my days, in motherhood, in faith-life, in time, in money.

Here is the short and sweet of what you will find at Morning Motivated Mom. You will find tips and encouragement in:

  • Managing Your Time
  • Managing Your Home
  • Managing Your Resources and Money…How to Save!
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Growing in Your Faith
  • Loving & Living with Your Family
  • Loving Those Around You

Interested?? Please read on.

I imagine that you are constantly working on managing and organizing your time.  I don’t enjoy the feeling of knowing that I just wasted large amounts of time with nothing to show for it. I also believe that there should be time for relaxation and refreshment in our days. I try to balance out my time with productivity and refreshment. I will help you as you seek to be intentional with your time.

What one change made a drastic difference on the course of my days? I decided to make the most of my mornings by creating an early morning wake-up habit. This was not easy for me and was a goal I have had for years. I think you should give it a shot! Read all about it here: How to Enjoy an Early, Joyful, and Productive Morning.

Here is one of my most popular morning posts: 7 Habits to Add to Your Morning Routine

7 habits to add to your morning routine

Managing a home is a constant work in progress. How much time do you spend just shuffling your stuff around, from room to room? How do you have a clean, organized home, but still allow for breathing room and fun? I am constantly trying to balance this out. Follow my 30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge for cleaning inspiration at any time of the year.

I love saving and managing money! God has blessed us all and so I feel that it’s important to manage our money and resources for Him. I will share tips on how to save. I enjoy finding creative ways to make and save money from home and I am looking forward to sharing them with you! Here are posts on two of my favorite savings apps to get you started: Ibotta and Target Cartwheel. Check out my bill organization printables in How to Organize Your Bills or my savings challenges in 52-Week Money Saving Challenges.

I have learned so much about goal setting and I have ideas and tips to share with you. I think it’s best to break a big goal into smaller pieces, creating new habits as you go. Be specific, realistic and make a plan. I also feel that creating daily habits is a great way to achieve your goals. Here is a monthly goal post to inspire you. If you blog about goals, stop by the first Wednesday of each month to link up your goals posts at With Grit & Grace…a monthly goals linkup. I also created a 12 Mini-Goal Challenge as I focus on a new goal or habit each month.

I believe we all need encouragement in our faith lives. Spending the time in God’s Word is so important. It’s the best thing to do when tired, weary and stressed. He tells us to share His Word with our children! It’s important as God’s Word speaks to us and helps to guide and encourage us in our daily walk. His Word also helps us as we teach our children by our actions.

Cherishing the time as a family is important, but life can get busy. How do you manage? My new early morning routine has helped me to have more joy in my morning and greet my girls with a smile.

Healthy living is an area where balance is key. I enjoy being active for the health and stress relief benefits that I receive from exercise. I strive to eat healthy, clean foods, but live by the rule that there is always room for desserts and other splurges! I want to have a healthy, active family and strive to spend plenty of time outdoors. Healthy living will definitely show up in future challenges, including my current 12 Mini-Goal Challenge. Use my Health & Wellness Printable Planner to help you in your health and wellness goals.

I will share helpful resources with you along the way. I will be inviting you to join in various challenges (current challenge for 2016). I have printables available and the list is growing! I have created a page that includes all my printables: View Free Printables Here. My new favorite printables are the worksheets I created to help you create a morning routine.

How to Create a Morning Routine: Free Printable Worksheets

I also have a few printables for sale:

I would love to have you join me. Please read, join me, follow me, and share with others if you feel so inclined. Let’s walk together in this beautiful (yet at times, hard) life.

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