It was not a good day the first time my two year-old decided to climb out of her crib. The realization of “she cannot be contained!” is not a good one. This is for a few reasons: her sleep, her safety, and my sanity.

A two-year old who is short on sleep is not always a pleasant child. The tantrums increase. The reasoning decreases. When she got out of her crib, I thought of the implications this would have on her sleep and instantly felt tired.

I also thought this might be the end of naptime and felt panicky. Her naptime = my patience as a mom. I was trying to figure out when I would have a few quiet minutes during the day, how I would fit in an occasional workout, and how I would get quality one-on-one time with my 4 year-old. 

OVIA Baby Video Monitor


While sleep is so important, I was most concerned about the safety factor. If she gets out of her crib, what will she get into? What will she climb? How will we know whether or not she is even in her crib?

I would stand outside her door trying to figure out whether or not she was in her crib, but many times it was impossible to tell. I would think she was in her crib, only to open the door and see her quietly taking stacks of paper out of the desk in her room. Or I would think she was out of her crib, only to walk in and see her quietly laying down in her crib. THAT never goes well…to enter a room only to have your child see you come in. They don’t typically like it when you back out of the room after making eye contact.

The Ovia Baby Video Monitor saved the day and allowed me to relax. I can now see if she is safe in her crib or if she climbed out and needs to be put back into bed. This peace of mind has made the days much smoother!

I now put her down at bedtime or naptime and can see what she is doing in her crib. It is also helpful in the morning when she wakes up. I can let her happily play for a few minutes because I know she is still safe in her crib. I enjoy a few more sips of hot coffee!

The Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera makes it easy to see around the room. The monitor comes with 2 cameras so you will have no trouble seeing every nook in baby’s room. The monitor can be turned on in power-saving PEEP mode so the screen will light up when it hears a noise. 

Levana Baby Monitor Screen

The monitor allows for two-way communication, a 24-hour battery life, and invisible night vision LEDs. 

The Ovia Baby Video Monitor gives me the peace of mind, so I am freed up to do more during naptime or at bedtime. I am able to spend quality time with my other daughter in the afternoon or husband in the evening, work on my blog, exercise, or relax with a book. Or do housework if I am so motivated. 

Levana Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

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Find out more information on the Ovia Baby Video Monitor and check out Levana’s Facebook page. Levana Baby Monitor Buy Now  This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.


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