This post is part of my 12 Mini Goals Challenge.

Small daily habits can make a big difference over the course of a few weeks, months, or even longer. In 2016, I am going to focus on a new habit or mini goal every month. In January, I focused on Daily Movement or Exercise. In February, I focused on cutting down on evening snacking. In March, my goal was 30 days of pilates. In April, my goal was to clear my kitchen counters every night. In May, I attempted to clear out my closet 3 items at a time. In June, my goal was to reset my mornings and wake up earlier. In July, my goal was to drink more water. In August, I wanted to track our daily reading.

As a stay-at-home mom, I have been able to make our own schedule for the past five years. Now that my oldest is going to kindergarten this fall, I will have to abide by a school schedule. This will be a big change!

I know that I will need to manage my schedule much differently as I am not used to getting my girls out the door early in the morning. This will not be easy on me. I will miss out on much of my morning alone time and I will have to be much more strict about bedtimes and morning routines. I will need to stop fitting in that One Last Thing that can make me late.

I am starting in on my September mini-goal early. I am going to force myself to schedule my evenings and mornings until I form the habits we need. I know that it’s key for my daughter to be well-rested and also have a non-rushed morning. Our mornings will go so much smoother and attitudes will be better if she doesn’t feel rushed!

September Mini Goal: Plan Out Morning and Evening Schedules

My September Mini Goal: Plan out morning and evening schedules to help me stay on track

I created a morning and evening schedule printable that I plan on using until I get a handle on our new school routine. Forcing myself to write on an actual schedule helps me plan my time better. I am less likely to attempt to fit in too much for the time allowed.

Reset Morning and Evening Schedules

Your September Mini Goal: Plan your morning and/or evening schedules.

If you want to join me, print off the Morning and Evening Schedule Printable

If you want to take this a step further and need to reset your mornings for back-to-school, consider checking out: Your Morning Manual: A Guide & Workbook for Resetting & Maximizing Your Mornings. I will be running a morning accountability group in September, so pick the eBook up and join me if you need to step back and take a look at your morning schedule.

Let me know if you decide to join! What do you struggle with in your morning and evening schedules? Do you find it helpful to write out your schedule?

 September Mini Goal: Plan Out Morning and Evening Schedules. With printable schedule for mornings and evenings. 

I would love to have you join the 12 Mini Goals Challenge. Sign up for my mailing list if you want to be e-mailed the challenge each month. If we get to a month where the goal doesn’t fit into your life, you can always tweak it to be a mini goal that works for you.

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18 comments on “September Mini Goal: Plan Out Morning and Evening Schedules”

  1. Love everything about this! Printing and using them! I love lists but I’ve never thought about them for evening and mornings and I’m such a mess at both!

  2. I learned the hard way I needed to create a schedule in order to manage my time, care for my four children, and care for my home. It was the best thing I ever did as a SAHM. You are so right! Schedules work great!

  3. Great printable. Thanks for sharing this. I’d love you to link at The Fabulous Fall party. Getting organized would sure make your Fall Fabulous.
    Come over to the party here:
    Hope to see you!

  4. The monthly mini goals are a great idea! I really like your September goal, my daughter isn’t old enough to start school but I feel like I could focus on this too for before hubby goes to work and after hubby comes home to help focus on time with him :)

  5. So cool! Thanks for sharing. I’m currently trying to find a better balance for both life and blogging and sometimes I just don’t plan my days accordingly. But it is a work in progress.

    The monthly mini goals are a great idea that I will be giving a try for myself.

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