Distracted By Devices…Finding a Balance

I have been forced to reevaluate this morning. I read two articles regarding the distractions of technology and how this impacts our relationships. These are not the first articles I have read regarding this topic and I have made changes in the past, but they have been small changes. I read two articles this morning that have now motivated even more change in how I use my smartphone.

When Parents Are The Ones Too Distracted By Devices

For The Children’s Sake, Put Down That Smartphone

I was reading these articles as my daughter ate breakfast. She was facing my back as I was busy reading. She was eating her breakfast by herself, chatting to herself. I was too busy reading to join her. What am I telling her by making her look at my back while she is eating breakfast? She is not worth my time…yikes. Not my intention at all!

And so I shut my computer off.

Distracted By Devices...Finding a Balance. Shutting off the computer.

I would love to just walk away from it, but I know that it will be so much more tempting if it’s still open. All the tabs…showing me the articles I have saved to read.

I sat with my sweet daughter while she finished her banana and cheerios. Eye contact. We had the greatest conversation. When I sit and chat with her I’m amazed at how her little 3 year-old brain works. When I sit and have a conversation with her most of what she says makes me smile or laugh. When I’m “busy” on my phone or computer, her comments are rarely as dear. Eye-opening. There is so much more to cherish in her sweet face and conversation than whatever article is asking for my attention.

Now, this does not mean that I intend for my computer and phone to go away for every second my daughters are awake. I feel strongly that self-directed and independent play is very important. They do not need me constantly hovering around them. I will send an e-mail or read an article while my daughters are awake and playing. BUT…this should be a very small part of my day. My goal is to be very aware. Find a balance. I want to stay away from mindless phone-checking.

Where do I go from here? Here is my starting point:

– Use hours (or at time, minutes) that no one needs me for e-mail, reading news and other articles, blogging, and social media. Goal: Early morning hours would be a wonderful time for this? Currently working on…

– I’m going to find periods during my day when my computer is shut and my phone is off in another room. I have kiddos and household duties to attend to. My device can wait. Goal: Shut down and disconnect to connect.


Free Christmas Carol Printable

I can be such a paper geek. There is just something about pretty paper, printed text, beautiful design. While you cannot tell a book by it’s cover, it sure will make me pick up a book and feel the need to hold it and flip through it. For this reason, I only read books I can hold in my hand. No Kindle for me…not yet anyways.

It’s no surprise that using and creating printables appeals to me. I have created a Christmas carol printable for you.

Free Christmas Carol Printable
Christmas Carol Printable

Please print by selecting the link for the teal and coral version: Christmas Carols_Teal and Coral

Please print by selecting the link for the black and white version: Christmas Carols_Black and White

Join me…coffee mug in hand

I love any picture like this.

coffee and computer on desk

A workspace, completed with a cup of coffee. I think the mug of coffee is the main appeal. And that picture is why I blog. Whenever I see a picture of that mug of coffee sitting on the desk I think, that can be me. I can get up at the crack of dawn on a beautiful morning, enjoy the peace and quiet, gaze out the window, coffee in hand, and blog away. I may even snap my own coffee cup picture. The wrong motivation to blog, you say? Yes, but the picture still gets me every time. And so here I am, starting my own blog.

If you happen upon my page every morning, you will not see this daily picture. I won’t bore you with my workspace (as of now, it’s not pretty).

My name is Emily and I live with my husband and two darling daughters. I am striving to find balance in being a wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, neighbor, child of God. And also keeper of the home, money manager, grocery shopper, deal-finder, runner, fitness-lover, sweets-maker, reader, declutterer, somewhat quasi-striving minimalist.

Please follow me as I seek to be intentional with how I’m spending my time and money. I would love to have you join me. Feel free to give advice, seek advice, join in my challenges, start a conversation, join in the conversation, or just read along.

Striving to bring Him glory…