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What do your mornings look like? Hurried, rushed, and stressful? Or enjoyable, productive and peaceful?

In high school, college, and while working full-time before kiddos, my mornings were hurried. If it took me 32 minutes to get up, shower, get ready and eat breakfast, you better believe I was waking up 32 minutes before I had to get out the door. Not a second earlier!! If something came up, I would end up running late.

I have always had the desire to enjoy a slower, calmer morning. I wanted to linger over my mug of coffee and spend a few minutes reading my morning devotion. I wanted to have the opportunity to get in a quick workout or do another refreshing task to start my day.

I vividly remember going to Colorado with my family when younger. I would get up early and sit on the front porch of the YMCA in the Rockies. As I sipped coffee in the early morning and gazed at the beautiful mountains surrounding me, I would think: The morning is the most beautiful time of day! I want to be a morning person!

My Morning Motivation. Make Over Your Morning.

Then I would go back to life and stay the same. Hurried in the morning and often running late.

I came across Crystal’s blog at Money Saving Mom and she would talk about how she would make the most of her mornings. Last summer she did a Rise and Shine Challenge which helped her to get up early and make her mornings more intentional.

I was so intrigued and read her daily morning post. It felt a little silly to be so intrigued by morning schedules, but I think it is what I needed to finally make early rising a habit! I was impressed with what she did every morning…often before I would even roll out of bed.

I combined the push from reading Crystal’s posts with the possibility of starting a blog. I wanted to find an incentive to get out of bed early. I knew that if I wanted to spend time on a blog, I would have to get up early to do it.

My Morning Motivation. Make Over Your Morning. As I sipped coffee in the early morning and gazed at the beautiful mountains surrounding me, I would think: The morning is the most beautiful time of day! I want to be a morning person!

As soon as I decided this, I set the goal to wake up early for two weeks straight to post on the blog. I was excited about starting the blog and it was enough motivation to get myself up early. After years of just thinking about it, I made it a habit in two weeks!

I figured out what my doubts and misconceptions were and proved them wrong. I found that I was able to greet my daughters with joy as I was awake and refreshed when they woke up. This was reason enough to keep my new habit going! {Read my Early Morning Summary here.}

Most mornings I still get up before my girls wake up, but I no longer get up as early as I would like. When I found out that Crystal was offering an online course called Make Over Your Mornings I knew that I would have to give it a shot and see if it could get me back to where I was November when I started my blog.

Crystal has been committed to how she spends the first two hours of her day since she was eleven. She runs a successful online business and homeschools her three children, but still manages to have time for working out, reading, maintaining her home and close friendships and more. She has great tips for time management and also keeping the important things in life front and center. I love her priorities!

Her blog gave me the push I needed before, so I had no doubt that her course would help me get back to getting up early. Now…for anyone who knows me, I am super cheap. I have never purchased an online course before. $17 is a great deal for an online course like this. Especially from someone who owns her mornings like Crystal does. Get free access to Day One of the course! It’s the perfect opportunity to try it out. 

It only takes about 15 minutes per day to complete the short video, chapter reading and task for the day. It’s not a large time commitment.

Make Over Your Mornings


Bonus: She donated 25% of ALL direct purchases on her launch date to her ministry in South Africa. This is one of reasons I enjoy her site, she uses her talents and money to serve.

Read all about Make Over Your Mornings.

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49 comments on “My Morning Motivation…Make Over Your Mornings”

  1. Mornings are so important… and the day goes better when the morning starts out right for me. Today, I have been awake since 3:30… that is TOO early morning… I am getting a lot done, but will run out of steam later on…. my usual isn’t that early, thankfully. :)

    • Oh. 3:30 is too early! The same thing happens to me. I can get a burst of energy and get a lot done after a terribly short night’s sleep…but it’s typically followed by wanting the day to be over mid-afternoon!

  2. I love this! I’m usually a morning person but with kiddos it has changed since they are up at 6am. I woke up a couple mornings last week super early (simply because I couldn’t get back to sleep after feeding my baby) but it was a great start to the day!

    • If my girls got up at 6 AM, it would be a struggle to have my morning time! Thankfully, they typically sleep in to 7-7:30. Although last night one was up from 12-2:30…

  3. I have never been a morning person. Really. Never. But now, with 4 littles, I have realized that the way we all start our day is so important! I don’t wake up before everyone, but they are early risers, so instead of rushing the entire time, we read, joke, and relax. After getting most of the kids to school, I start my quiet morning. And it is great. I love that time to quietly begin my day!

  4. I am such a morning person for these very reasons! But another I would add would be the quiet. It’s so quiet and so peaceful–I can enjoy, focus, and get the job done. I know Morning Motivated Mom is an inspiration and blessing to many!

  5. I’m a girl with an eye for a bargain so I will start by getting up early just to catch the $5 hour. I’ve always wanted to be a morning person because I love the mornings so much but I never get to bed at a decent hour the night before to feel rested enough to get up early. Sipping coffee in the brisk morning air and going for a walk while I pray sounds dreamy but alas it’s not something I’ve been able to commit to. I’m hoping this course will help. Thanks.

    • I am with you. Getting to bed at a decent time is such a struggle for me!

      Your morning walk with coffee sounds wonderful. I hope the course helps you commit to it! I know I have loved my mornings now that I finally am able to get myself up for them. The quiet time is so enjoyable.

      • What’s held me back in the past is running out of steam too early in the day. I really, really hate when I’m intoxicated with sleepiness some time around 3pm and have two little ones jumping on me to make pbj’s. The evenings are harder for me because I can feel myself getting tired and there’s still so much work yo be done. Seems like more than the daytime work. Theres homework, dinner, clean up, baths and fighting with the kids to go to bed. I hope if I get up early the good Lord will sustain me all day.

        • My kiddos are too young for homework, but I agree. Dinner, cleanup, baths, bedtime is more work than the rest of the day.

          I have found that my days do NOT feel longer even when getting up earlier (that totally held be back before!). I feel more refreshed and ready for the day, because I have had a quiet relaxing morning before the day gets going. My days go better when I wake up before my girls, instead of WITH them.

  6. I get lots done in the first two hours of the morning, but I signed up for your course because I know I could do better. Can’t wait!

  7. Thank you for this tip. You are so right! Once we set a habit in motion, it gets easier to keep it moving. Cheering on today from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.

  8. What a great post! Awhile ago, I posted about how I’m a morning person & why I love mornings so much! This is a good idea, thank you so much for sharing! Stopping over from Tuesday Talk :) Have a great day!

  9. Interesting idea! I’ve always hoped that there is some magical age at which you simply want to wake up at 5 or 6am and stay awake to do fruitful things! I guess the magic is in committing to it, huh? Might just join you for this course! : )

    Also -I’ve stayed at the YMCA in the Rockies. Oh Lord, is it beautiful! And totally worth waking up early to absorb more of. Once my friends and I even drove out to an outdoor chapel for sunrise….amazing!!

    Blessings from a Women with Intention sister!

    • That’s fun that you have been to the YMCA in the Rockies also! I haven’t been there in over 10 years, but would love to go back! I’m sure a sunrise there would be amazing.

      I’m not sure what that magical age is :), for me it was my early 30s when I finally decided to just commit to it. And I was motivated by the fact that I would have some quiet morning time by myself. I enjoy it so much that I don’t think I’ll go back! I would love to have you join me for the course!

  10. I am doing Crystal’s Make Over Your Mornings as well. I’m not a morning person at all. Like you, I was always sleeping until the last possible minute. Now that I’m a stay at home, homeschooling mom, I’m finding it difficult to make myself get up early. I’m hoping Crystal’s course will help motivate me! Joining you from #Coffee for Your Heart.

    • I found that once I started (it took me years to finally really try) I love the morning time. And I miss any morning that I don’t get it. Once I got a taste of the morning quiet time, I don’t have trouble getting up for it. Most mornings. ;)

  11. I got this e-course yesterday and I am SO excited to get started! My mornings could definitely use some making over.

  12. Mornings are crucial aren’t they? I am trying to perfect my morning routine myself. It really does dictate the rest of my day.
    (Checking in from the Shine! blog hop.)

    • I agree. It dictates much of the day. Especially the first few hours of kiddos being awake!

  13. I absolutely need me time before work in the mornings. I get up way earlier than I need to, but I HATE rushing to get ready. (If I’m working 10-hour days though I have to get up way earlier and I’m not willing to get up extra early…so those mornings are more rushed and I really don’t like it!)

  14. Thank you so much for this! I got it that first morning, but have finally been able to start it today. It’s going to be a game changer. I’m looking forward to doing this together with so many other women, like you, through the facebook group too. Thanks for sharing this deal and program! -Jess

  15. I go back and forth between being a great morning person with a great morning routine to being a night owl. My favorite things about mornings is the quiet. Everyone in my house likes to sleep in on the weekends. If I go ahead and get up, I can get my quiet time in. I need quiet time.

    • Right now, I’m not going back and forth…I am being a morning person and a night owl. I’m trying to make changes on the night owl side! Bad habits are hard to break sometimes.

      I am with you…I like a little quiet too.

  16. What a great course, it sounds excellent, I agree with you that when I wake earlier and have time to myself I am much cheerier when everyone else gets up. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

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