How is it that moms just seem to know what is best? My mom has about a 98% accuracy rate when it comes to this. She was in town to make Christmas cookies, among other holiday festivities. It has been a trying week with my three-old. She is showing a strong-willed, defiant side.

Given her history, I believe this is just a phase. She is just testing her limits and checking out who is the boss of this house. Impatience and frustration are not daily parenting struggles for me. (Worry? That is another story.) This week, impatience and frustration are the name of the game. I am spending much of the day reminding myself that she is watching my every reaction. She is taking notes and I will see it all again. If I flip out and yell…she will add that to her set of tools when deciding how to react to life. I want her to handle her life with grace and patience, so I must do the same. I must model how I want her to act during frustrating situations.

So hard right now. Grace and patience is NOT coming easy.

My mom gave me exactly what I needed today.

Encouragement and…

Mom Knows Best

she watched the girls so I could go on a run. Exercise, fresh air, and 30 minutes of space.

I feel so refreshed right now.

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