Your Morning Manual Accountability Group

I hope you are enjoying Your Morning Manual: A Guide & Workbook for Resetting & Maximizing Your Mornings

What is the key to creating new habits that make your new morning routine flow without even thinking about it? How can you make this happen? Accountability!

Accountability can potentially make or break whether or not your new morning becomes a habit. Picture yourself four days into trying out your new schedule. You woke up early the first three mornings and felt that it was bearable, but now the early mornings are getting to you. You are tired and want nothing more than an extra hour of sleep. You shut off your alarm and roll over to go back to sleep. What is stopping you from doing that?

If you have an accountability plan in place, you are much less likely to give up early. Knowing that you are accountable to a person, a group, or an app will help you meet your goal of waking early for the time frame you chose.

I will be hosting month-long accountability groups. (At this time they will not be run every month.) If you want to be notified when the next group is starting sign up below!

{Note: Please purchase the book prior to joining a Morning Accountability Group. If you have not already purchased the book, you can get it here!}