My Monthly Goals…Why do I set them? Why do I share them here?

  • Setting goals helps me remain focused.
  • Sharing my goals helps to hold me accountable.
  • I hope that it may inspire you to set goals for yourself.

Are you new to goal setting? Here are a few posts that may help or inspire you:

Monthly Goals - May and With Grit & Grace Link-up


April: My goal was to be in bed for 7 hours each night, and try to be up before my girls. My body has needed more sleep than usual as I’m pregnant and tired. And…one of my girls has been waking up multiple times per night for over a month now. I haven’t been up this often at night since the newborn stage! So I have no idea what is happening in my home during the night. I had no trouble going to bed at a decent time much of April as I’m just trying to get at least some sleep!

May: Work through my girl’s sleep issues. Try to get up before the girls most mornings as I miss my morning alone time if I sleep in. If you have trouble making sleep a priority, check out these helpful resources: Sleep It Does a Family Good and Make Over Your Mornings.


April: Cardio 3-4 times per week and finish the 30-Day Pilates Body workouts I did not complete in March. I didn’t end up finishing the uncompleted workouts, but often did some of the exercise on off-days.

May: Cardio 3-4 times per week. Try to walk or run at least once per week. Do you need tips on getting exercise into your daily life?

Weekly “date” night with hubby

April: One movie, game or date night per week. I believe we did this every week, including dinner and a walk around the lakes for our anniversary.

May: Continue one movie, game or date night per week. We have been using VidAngel to watch movies at home. It’s just $1 per movie, we don’t have to leave the house to find a Red Box, and it’s not a subscription service. We have watched well over 10 movies with it and are happy with how easy and cheap it is. I wrote a post about VidAngel if you are curious how it works.

Monthly outing with our family

April: Plan one fun activity for the four of us in April. Unless you count breakfast out once, we didn’t do this. We need to be more intentional about actually planning something.

May: Plan one fun activity for the four of us in May. We hope to head to the Farmer’s Market this month.

Habit from my 12 Mini Goal Challenge

April: Complete my April goal of clearing my kitchen counters each evening. I did fairly well on this goal. The key was clearing everything off and starting with a clear counter. I have more space on my counter and love it. My problem area is a small area of the counter that works like a desk for me. My computer and planner sit there, and I didn’t clear the area every night.

May: I am going to slowly clean out my clothing closets. I don’t have the desire to spend an entire afternoon doing it, so I’m trying a different approach. Read more about my 12 Mini-Goals Challenge.


April: Read Daily Devotional New Testament: Through the New Testament in a Year every morning. This daily devotional includes two readings from the New Testament, a short reflection, a portion of the Psalms and a thoughts for prayer section. I enjoyed reading this devotion every morning. I have spent the last year or so changing up my daily devotion and I liked just having one that I go to every morning.

May: Continue to read Daily Devotional New Testament: Through the New Testament in a Year every morning.

Morning devotion with my girls

April: Read a daily devotion or bible story with my girls at breakfast each morning. We had a bad sleeping month, so I got lazy on this one. We had good weeks and bad weeks. I think the key is tracking it each morning. Writing down and tracking my goals is key for me, and I slacked on tracking my progress towards the end of the month.

May: Read a daily devotion or bible story with my girls at breakfast each morning.


April: Finished Bringing Up Girls: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Women.

Finished Me Before You.

May: Read 2 books: I have started A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin and am undecided on the second book.


April: Play outside with my girls at least twice per week. Done!

May: Get the girls outside to play at least 4 times per week.


April: My goal was to keep my kitchen counters clear. Satisfactory.

May: Clean out my clothing closets three clothing items at a time.


April: This obviously needed to be completed in April. DONE.

May: No goal.

Monthly Goals - May and With Grit & Grace Link-up

April Blog Goals

  • Create one new printable. – DONE. If you are throwing a bridal shower and need to find a game, print off the Bridal Shower Scattergories printable here.
  • Clean up the categories/navigation bar on my blog. – I didn’t get around to this.
  • Look into setting up banner ads and other services through Passionfruit Ads. If you are interested in advertising on my blog or within my newsletter, get more information here.
  • Figure out newsletter plan. I am approaching the maximum subscribers for a free account through Mailchimp. I had to figure out if I’m going to clean up my list or upgrade. – I decided to clean up my list a bit. I deleted some old, inactive subscribers.
  • Look into using Boardbooster for Pinterest. – I set up Boardbooster early in the month. It’s helpful, but I need to spend time tweaking the setup. It’s an experiment to find out how it will work best for my blog.
  • Work ahead and plan out the 12 Mini-Goals Challenge for May. – Done. Here in my Mini-Goal for May.
  • Keep page views consistent with March’s page views. – April’s views were down.

May Blog Goals

  • Create one new printable.
  • Get a better Boardbooster plan.
  • Set up a Blogging Resources Page.
  • Set up sharing schedule for new posts. Possibly make a printable for this?
  • Clean up the categories/navigation bar on my blog.
  • Set aside time to plan next printable workbook??

If you are looking for guidance on setting goals. Crystal from Money Saving Mom is offering a 4-week goal setting course called Make Over Your Year. She is also the creator of Make Over Your Mornings, a course I found so helpful!

Make Over Your Year. A goal-setting course.

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Monthly Goals - February. Stop by to link up your goals post on the first Wednesday of each month...With Grit and Grace...a monthly goals linkup

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17 comments on “Monthly Goals – May”

  1. Well I think you did awesome in April. I need to get that bringing up girls book… again. I used to own it but the tornado ate it right after I finished reading it. I would love to read it with Russ. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Man, pregnant and a productive April! You are amazing! One of my goals this month (although it’s not in my post) is to set up Tailwind. I’ve finished my free trial and I want to give it a go. Someday I’m going to tackle printables. Perhaps you could give lessons?!? Happy Wednesday! Thanks for hosting the link up!

  3. YOU Rocked it indeed! I added my post to the link up. I’ve got goals to work on this month. I am focusing on my health this month I know that if I can get that back on track I can handle all the busy that will be coming my way. Thanks so much for this awesome post!

  4. Whew! Your organization skills are inspiring. This month, I’m just treading water. Conference is at the end of the month, proposals are due, and I have to plan for family who’ll be in town. Throw me the life raft;)

    Keep up the good work!

  5. I’m interested to see how clearing out your closet goes! I feel like I always have clothes to get rid of—but then sometimes I’m too hasty and I have regrets afterwards. :/ I’ve been trying to keep my kitchen counters cleared off, too! Why does random stuff always accumulate in the kitchen? Agh!

  6. Hi Emily, I am a new subscriber from #withgritandgrace! This is my first month of participation so I’ve picked just one goal in each of five or six categories.

  7. These are some great goals! You just reminded me that I should start exercising regularly. Thank you!

  8. I agree. I am getting more in the habit of setting goals. When it comes to work goals I always reach them, but exercising goal, I do not do well on at all. Good post.

  9. Wow! You had a great month with achieving your goals! I am impressed with being able to keep up with your personal and blog ones while being pregnant. Thanks for hosting the link up so we can encourage each other!

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