My Monthly Goals…Why do I set them? Why do I share them here?

  • Setting goals helps me remain focused.
  • Sharing my goals helps to hold me accountable.
  • I hope that it may inspire you to set goals for yourself.

Are you new to goal setting? Here are a few posts that may help or inspire you:

 Monthly Goals - March - Monthly Goalsetting.


February: My goal was to be in bed for 7 hours at least 5 nights of the week. I hit this goal. For a change, I made sleep a priority this month and was able to get myself to bed at a decent time somewhat consistently. We had a week of bad sleep due to sick kiddos, so I was happy I was getting decent sleep leading up to that week. (Note: I give myself credit for 7 hours if I went to bed and got up 7 hours later. I don’t back out the time I’m up with my girls.)

March: Continue to be in bed for 7 hours at least 5 nights of the week. If you have trouble making sleep a priority, check out these helpful resources: Sleep It Does a Family Good and Make Over Your Mornings.


February: My goal was to workout 3-4 times per week. I hit this goal. I also wanted to complete at least 10 minutes of activity on off days, and I missed a few days with this one. This daily activity was part of my January Mini Goal.

March: Workout 3-4 times per week and complete the 30-Day Pilates Body Challenge as part of my March Mini Goal.

Weekly “date” night with hubby

February: One movie, game or date night per week. Thanks to my parents for babysitting, we had a date night with a walk around the lakes, Thai food, and a movie. I think we watched a movie at home the rest of the weeks? I didn’t actually track that.

March: Continue one movie, game or date night per week. We have been using VidAngel to watch movies at home. It’s just $1 per movie, we don’t have to leave the house to find a Red Box, and it’s not a subscription service. We have watched our last 10 movies with it and are happy with how easy and cheap it is. I wrote a post about VidAngel if you are curious how it works.

Monthly outing with our family

February: It’s easy to just get into the daily grind and not make the time to have an outing as a family, so I wanted to plan one fun activity for the four of us in February. There was an outdoor cross-country skiing festival at the lakes in February. We bundled the girls up and spent the evening walking and watching the skiers on the lakes. It was chilly, but fun!

March: Plan one fun activity for the four of us in March.

New Healthy Habit from my 12 Mini Goal Challenge

February: Cut back on evening snacking. I did shockingly well on this goal. I missed 6 nights, but I am satisfied with that. I found that the key was eating a bigger dinner and also having a tasty, high-protein snack available. 

March: Complete the 30-Day Pilates Body Challenge as part of my March Mini Goal. Read more about my 12 Mini-Goals Challenge. I also want to continue to focus on my February goal of less evening snacking.


February: I recently purchased Daily Devotional New Testament: Through the New Testament in a Year. This daily devotional includes two readings from the New Testament, a short reflection, a portion of the Psalms and a thoughts for prayer section. I started it at the end of January, so wanted to catch up on the devotions in February. While I read it every morning, I didn’t quite catch up with the missed devotions from early January. I want to take my time and not just skim through it for the sake of catching up.

I enjoyed reading this devotion every morning. I have spent the last year or so changing up my daily devotion and I liked just having one that I go to every morning.

March: Continue to read Daily Devotional New Testament: Through the New Testament in a Year every morning.

Morning devotion with my girls

February: I wanted to read a daily devotion or bible story with my girls at breakfast each morning. We did this almost every morning and we all loved it! I think this is here to stay. 

March: Read a daily devotion or bible story with my girls at breakfast each morning. We are currently reading First Bible Stories


February: My goal was to finish A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I was sad to finish the book, as I didn’t want it to be done. I wanted to continue reading about Francie and her life in turn-of-the-century Brooklyn. I was attached to Francie, her story, and her life. I recommend picking up this book.

March: Finish Bringing Up Girls: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Women. I started this in February and am definitely highlighting as I go. Such an important topic!


February: I thought that this Valentine’s idea was a special one. I didn’t end up doing this, but I still made Valentines for my daughters. I will be sharing a post about the Valentines later this week.

Make Photo Calendar

February: Complete 2016 calendar. Done! This was my first calendar with Mixbook and it was my favorite, by far. I cannot imagine I will want to use any other photo company next year. 


March: It feels so good to get rid of stuff we don’t need, but I don’t always find the motivation to spend time on this. I would like to have a weekly decluttering session at home. 


March: I enjoy doing my taxes. :) I will have to do research on how blogging income will come into play.

Monthly Goals - March - Valentine Flowers

February Blog Goals

  • I enjoyed working on my Health and Wellness Printable Workbook and even sold a few! I would like to get started on a second workbook or printable packet in February. I switched gears and decided against spending time on this February.
  • January was my best month by far for page views (almost double December!), and I’m excited about the growth. Some of it was because Money Saving Mom shared my 12 Mini-Goals Challenge. I would like to see that my page views continue to go up in February. Nope. January was just a crazy-high month.
  • Work ahead and plan out the 12 Mini Goals Challenge for March. I’m excited to start this goal March 1.

March Blog Goals

  • I am joining Her View From Home as a contributor in March. My first post as a contributor goes live on Friday, March 4.
  • Publish “How to Start a Blog” post.
  • Update Spring Cleaning Printable from last year.
  • Clean up the categories/navigation bar on my blog.
  • Research blogging income and taxes.
  • Set aside time to plan next printable workbook.
  • For one week in March: record how blogging time in spent. 
  • Work ahead and plan out the 12 Mini-Goals Challenge for April. I would also like to map out a tentative plan for the rest of the year. 
  • Increase page views from February.

If you are looking for guidance on setting goals. Crystal from Money Saving Mom is offering a 4-week goal setting course called Make Over Your Year. The course is discounted through Monday, March 21. Check out Make Over Your Year here!

Make Over Your Year. A 4-week Goal Setting Course.

Do you make goals? I am now co-hosting a monthly goals linkup. Come back on the first Wednesday of each month (March 2) to link up your most recent goal post! I find encouragement hearing what others are desiring to focus on and look forward to reading about your goals.

Monthly Goals - February. Stop by to link up your goals post on the first Wednesday of each month...With Grit and Grace...a monthly goals linkup

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48 comments on “Monthly Goals – March”

  1. It’s always fun to see other women’s goals! I love your sleep goal. So important! I also have some blogging goals. This month I am going to purchase and learn how to use Board Booster. I will also write two guest posts, send out weekly newsletters, and finish two units of Elite Blog Academy.

    • It’s taken me 30+ years to figure out that sleep is important! ;)

      I have only used the free trial of Board Booster and I really liked it. I would just turn it one while on vacation so it took me a while to use up the free trial.

      Good luck going through Elite Blog Academy!

      • I just bought Elite Blogging Academy too. I’m still working on the Daily Productivity Guide though first. I’ve got to get cranking through cleaning up email and photos. I hope it doesn’t take me all month but it might. Hope you both linkup your goal posts with our goals linkup too!

  2. #goaldigger Your motivating me to get my goals written! There is always something so fresh about the new month beginning….It’s like a chance to start over!!! Thanks for the motivation

  3. I absolutely love how goal-oriented and focused you are. I find my life and my ‘mom’ duties go so much better when I am organized and have a clear idea of where I’m going. You’ve encouraged me to really identify and go after my blog goals. Thank you!!

    • A clear idea! That’s always nice. ;)

      I am usually even more vague with my blog goals, so I finally decided to get a little more specific here. We will see how that works out!

      Let me know if you set some blog goals. I would love to hear them!

  4. This post is very inspiring after reading thia post I now have a few more goals to add to my list. As a mom I tend to lose myself and put my kids first. I recently bought a planner to help organize my chaos and help me see those goals that I set for myself.

  5. I will have to try that book, it seems so interesting! Great job on your Feb goals and good luck on your March ones. I love that you hold yourself accountable through these posts, amazing ideas!

    • It’s crazy that posting goals here (even if no one is interested) holds me accountable!

      There were times in February where I would want to snack more in the evening, but I would remember that I would have to mark it down as a fail. :)

  6. I love this! Your goal setting is so inspiring! This is something I really need to start doing. Thank you for the awesome encouragement!

  7. Great article. Inspired me to actually sit down and write my monthly goals out. I have them in my head but writing them down will ensure I do them! Thanks!

  8. This is so good especially about the sleep and date night part I am always needing more of both! Thanks for sharing.
    xo, Nicole

    • I had never even heard of the book until my mom mentioned it. I am so glad I read it!

      Have you read any more by her?

  9. I love reading everyone’s Goals posts. It’s always exciting to see people meet or even beat their goal from the previous month. If you can do it, then I can do it. Thank you for this!

  10. I need to get better at making short term goals so I can make progress towards my long term goals. Guess I needed this reminder today! :) Visiting from #RaRaLinkup

  11. This is a great goals post. Man, I really lack in the area of goal setting. I think about it, I really want to do it, yet I go each month without making any goals. I know I could get so much more accomplished if I were to sit down and make just a few goals. I’m still trying to pick the goals I want to meet for 2016, lol. Anyway, really good post with really great ideas!

  12. I’ve never thought about doing monthly goals before. This is a great idea. So much more manageable than yearly or just random goals. I will be decluttering quite a bit this month myself too. That tends to be a spring thing for me. #Titus2Tuesday

  13. Great goal and awesome that you were able o keep up with the ones from last month! I know my husband and I could use a little date night more often! Good luck on this months goals! They seem very attainable! :)

  14. I like that you had your goals so detailed! I should do the sleep at least 7 hours, but just don’t think I can do it, kids go to bed at 8:30-9 so I would have to be in bed and asleep by 9…don’t think that’s going to happen, one day…when 4:30am isn’t my wake up call, hehe.

  15. I loved reading this today! Reading some of your goal setting posts was a game-changer for me in January! (In fact, I shared your post with some blogging friends) I’m doing so much better at breaking things down and plotting my goals throughout the year. Thank you, thank you.


    • You are so welcome!! I am happy that the goals posts are helpful for you.

      Thank you also for letting me know AND for sharing my posts. :)

  16. I am right there with you on the exercising goal! That was one of my sub-goals under my “make a general routine” goal for February. I am going to have to check out the 30-day pilates that you mentioned!

  17. Hey Emily! I signed up for the pilates challenge and I like the instructor. I’m definitely going to check out vidangel too – returning the redbox late doesn’t make it a great cheap option – especially if you get 2 movies!

  18. I need to check out the Bringing Up Girls book. We read Bringing up Boys and it was so good and full of so much great advice- have a great day!

  19. I will check out the book, it is always helpful to see a review.

    I’ve been doing Pilates for over 7 years now, wouldn’t switch to anything else. It’s a wonderful type of exercise and is often misunderstood/misinterpreted. Good luck with your Pilates challenge!

  20. I always love reading your goals monthly. It motivates me to keep track of mine and I always find something useful in it (ie: the 30 day pilates challenge and your new book for the month). Thanks so much for always generously sharing, Emily! So happy to see you join us on #SHINEbloghop this week :)

  21. I like your family monthly outing goal. That is something I would like to include in my family goals. Doing 1 thing that is purely fun as a family is so important for relaxing and connecting and staying close. I visiting today from the #shinebloghop.

  22. Your inspiration goals are inspiring. I use to do this for devotions but have been slacking in this area. By the looks of your comments, many are able to draw some tips and ideas from you. Thanks for linking today at my party.

  23. Love your goals. Also I wanted to thank you for sharing about the 30 days pilates challenge. I have been doing it for the last 5 days and boy oh boy, do I feel the burn! ;)

    Last year MSM shared on of my posts too and my blog exploded for a month. And while the traffic did get back to normal, it was a nice little boost!

  24. Hey Emily,

    Thanks for sharing your goals. I’m always inspired when I hear what other bloggers are doing, and it makes me realize that I need to get more focused.

    I love that there is a monthly goals link-up too. I may need to check that out. The added accountability could be a great thing :)

    Visiting from #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup

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