My Monthly Goals…Why do I set them? Why do I share them here?

  • Setting goals helps me remain focused.
  • Sharing my goals helps to hold me accountable.
  • I hope that it may inspire you to set goals for yourself.

Are you new to goal setting? Here are a few posts that may help or inspire you:

Monthly Goals - June


May: My goal was to work through my girl’s sleep issues and try to get up before the girls most mornings. The sleeping issues are slightly better and so I have been able to get up before my girls most mornings.

June: If you have been around my blog for a while you may know that I originally started it as a way to create an early morning habit. Read more about My Morning Motivation here. Due to the sleeping issues with one of my daughters and pregnancy exhaustion, my mornings reverted back. I still get up a little before my daughters, but I am missing the hour or so I used to have every morning. My mini goal for June focuses on resetting my mornings. My goal is to get up at 6 AM every morning.

If you have trouble making sleep a priority, check out these helpful resources: Sleep It Does a Family Good and Make Over Your Mornings.


May: Cardio 3-4 times per week. Try to walk or run at least once per week. DONE.

June: Cardio 3-4 times per week. Try to walk or run at least once per week. Do you need tips on getting exercise into your daily life?

Weekly “date” night with hubby

May: One movie, game or date night per week. I believe we did this every week.

June: Continue one movie, game or date night per week. We have been using VidAngel to watch movies at home. It’s just $1 per movie, we don’t have to leave the house to find a Red Box, and it’s not a subscription service. We have watched well over 20 movies with it and are happy with how easy and cheap it is. I wrote a post about VidAngel if you are curious how it works.

Monthly outing with our family

May: Plan one fun activity for the four of us in May. We didn’t make it to the Farmer’s Market, but we made two cabin trips and went to an outdoor The Okee Dokee Brothers concert.

June: Plan one fun activity for the four of us in June. I hope to head to the Farmer’s Market this month.

Habit from my 12 Mini Goal Challenge

May: My goal was to slowly clean out my clothing closets. I think this was my first failed goal in this challenge. I wasn’t all that motivated and that didn’t help. I made some progress, but not nearly enough. The one thing that I found helped was requesting a bag from thredUP. When selling with thredUP, they send a bag for you to fill up and sent back to them at no cost. After receiving the bag, I did spend time going through and finding clothes to put in the bag to mail back and send. Read more about my 12 Mini-Goals Challenge.

June: Due to the sleeping issues with one of my daughters and pregnancy exhaustion I have been missing out on the hour or so I used to have every morning. My Mini Goal in June is to reset my mornings and get up at 6 AM every morning.

12 Mini Goals Challenge: Reset Your Mornings and Wake Up Early


May: Read Daily Devotional New Testament: Through the New Testament in a Year every morning. This daily devotional includes two readings from the New Testament, a short reflection, a portion of the Psalms and a thoughts for prayer section. I enjoyed reading this devotion every morning. I have spent the last year or so changing up my daily devotion and I liked just having one that I go to every morning.

June: Continue to read Daily Devotional New Testament: Through the New Testament in a Year every morning.

Morning devotion with my girls

May: Read a daily devotion or bible story with my girls at breakfast each morning. After having a bad sleeping month and getting lazy on this goal in April, I stayed more consistent in May. It helped to track it on my calendar as writing down and tracking my goals is key for me.

June: Read a daily devotion or bible story with my girls at breakfast each morning. I wrote more about this new morning routine here.


May: Read 2 books: I finished A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin and only got partway through Brooklyn.

June: Finish Brooklyn and read one more book. I may finally pick up The Light Between Oceans. Have you read it?


May: Get the girls outside to play at least 4 times per week. Except for one week of rain, we had no trouble reaching this goal. 

June: Get the girls outside to play at least 5 times per week.

Monthly Goals – June Monthly Goalsetting and accountability.
May Blog Goals

  • Create one new printable. – The printable has been created, but I have not yet posted it on the blog.
  • Get a better Boardbooster plan. – Not yet done.
  • Set up a Blogging Resources Page. DONE! Read about my Top Blogging Tools & Resources here.
  • Set up sharing schedule for new posts. Possibly make a printable for this? – Not done.
  • Clean up the categories/navigation bar on my blog. – Not done.
  • Set aside time to plan next printable workbook?? – Not done.

Top Blogging Tools and Resources. Many are free blogging resources!

June Blog Goals

  • Post new printable.
  • Promote Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Flash Sale. June 2 & 3 are the last days to get this bundle of $1,000+ homemaking resources for under $30.
  • Clean up mailing list. I am using the free account through Mailchimp, which limits the number of subscribers. I cleaned up my list a few month ago, but keep approaching my 2,000 subscriber max. I need to clean up my list to delete old, inactive subscribers.
  • Once room is opened up for new subscribers, add a content upgrade to 10 Habits to Add to Your Evening Routine.
  • Send a survey to readers.
  • Look into adding CommentLuv for commenting. Do you have any experience with this? Good? Bad? 
  • Get a better Boardbooster plan.
  • Set up sharing schedule for new posts. Possibly make a printable for this? 
  • Set aside time to plan next printable workbook or other printable project.
  • Schedule new morning time three times per week to work on above goals. 

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Monthly Goals - February. Stop by to link up your goals post on the first Wednesday of each month...With Grit and Grace...a monthly goals linkup

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    • Yes. The first trimester I was sooo tired! I am doing better now and a ready to get up early in June! Hopefully my girls cooperate… ;)

    • Ha! My blog motivated me to create an early morning habit…but that doesn’t mean I am always so motivated. :)

  1. I like how intentional you are with this. Always inspiring. Farmers Market, my Saturday morning go to! Have to beat the heat here to get the most out of it. Hope you make it this month. Thanks for linking with me today. Always great to see your work Emily.

  2. I love the energy on this blog. It helps to know that other women are striving for their goals. It’s all about grit and grace. And, we can achieve them if we want them bad enough. Wish you well with your goals.

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