Did you set financial goals for 2015? Did you set up a budget for the year? Did you work through the process with your children also?

Money Saving Challenge for Children

 When we think of our personal finances and budgeting, we don’t always include our children in on the process. They may not need to know much at a young age, but you should at least start teaching and consider what you want them to learn throughout the years.

If your child gets any regular or sporadic income (allowance, gifts, babysitting, chores, lawn mowing), it’s important to start teaching them to break out the money between the following catagories:

Save – Spend – Share

Because many people review their finances and make savings plans at the beginning of January, I will focus on Save.

Money Saving Challenge for Kids with Printable

Help them work through the process of how much they should save this year or for the next 52 weeks. There is no specific reason that your child has to start on January 1. I have created 3 different FREE PRINTABLE options for you.

What are you saving for_Children

It may be a great lesson in goal setting if you focus on the end result. Talk with your child about what they are saving for. There is a place on the printable to write it down.

Did you miss printing out a saving schedule for yourself? I have a few available for you to print:

52 Week Money Saving Challenge – Undated

52 Week Money Saving Challenge 2015 – Spread It Out

Give Up A Latte Saving Challenge

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11 comments on “Money Saving Challenge for Kids with Printable”

  1. I like this idea and printable not only for saving for something, but this could also be used for tithing. The child would see how much they are giving to others as well.

    • Yes! I agree. I am planning on creating a printable for tithing. It’s on my list of to-dos for creating printables. Thanks for your feedback!

  2. Thanks for sharing on How To Get Organized At Home, I love saving and sometimes it is good to have a goal, but being able to add your own goals is important so thanks for sharing the different options so everyone can save.

  3. This is such a great idea! I love it. I’ll be printing some of these this week. We just starting give our oldest a little change for his piggy bank for various extra chores around the house. I love the idea of starting now in teaching them to save. :) Thanks for linking up! http://www.sarahefrazer.com

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