This post is part of my 12 Mini Goals Challenge.

Small daily habits can make a big difference over the course of a few weeks, months, or even longer. In 2016, I am going to focus on a new habit or mini goal every month. In January, I focused on Daily Movement or Exercise. In February, I focused on cutting down on evening snacking.

My March Mini Goal: Complete 30-Day Pilates Challenge

Because my goals in January and February both dealt with healthy living, I was going to change up March and move to a goal within the home. But when I heard about The Balanced Life’s 30-Day Pilates Challenge, I knew I wanted to make it my March goal.

The Challenge officially starts on March 1, so the timing was perfect. This challenge is FREE and you can sign up here. Every morning Robin e-mails out a 10 minutes Pilates workout that you can do from home.

There is a different focus each day of the week. See the image below for the breakdown of each day’s focus.

March Mini Goal: Complete 30 Days of Pilates. 30 Day Pilates Body Challenge by The Balanced Life.

I considered also making it a goal to do the video right away in the morning before my daughters got up. I decided against it and instead I am making it a goal to do the video before supper (or preferably by lunch) each day. In January when I was trying to get 10 minutes of exercise each day, I struggled to get it in if it was not completed by the evening. A few of the days I was doing a quick online workout video at 10 PM so I could check the day off as complete. It’s hard to be motivated to get the exercise in so late. In March, my goal is to do the video earlier in the day so this isn’t a problem.

Your March Mini Goal: join the 30-day pilates challenge OR find your own 30-day workout challenge

If you want to join me, print off the March Challenge Tracker. The March tracker looks different than the calendars for January and February. I wanted to leave room for additional notes each day. I wanted to note any days that had especially great workouts in case I wanted to revisit them later. I also plan on noting the time I do the day’s workout. Feel free to just place an X on the day when you complete your workout if you prefer.

March Mini-Goal Challenge: 30 Days of Pilates or other Fitness Challenge


(This post isn’t sponsored by The Balanced Life…I just really enjoy her free workouts! Join her free 30 Day Pilates Body Challenge here. She also has a monthly subscription service that looks intriguing.)

If you have trouble fitting exercise into your daily routine, read my 30+ tips to help you fit exercise into your daily routine.

Let me know if you decide to join!


March Mini Goal: Complete 30 Days of Pilates. Complete the 30 Day Pilates Body Challenge hosted by Robin of The Balanced Life. 

I would love to have you join the 12 Mini Goals Challenge. Sign up for my mailing list if you want to be e-mailed the challenge each month. If we get to a month where the goal doesn’t fit into your life, you can always tweak it to be a mini goal that works for you.

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15 comments on “March Mini Goal: Complete 30 Days of Pilates”

  1. I took a Pilates class once and I learned many things I now do at home. It made me realize that doing classes was not my thing. This is certainly a good motivator to begin and stick with. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This looks like so much fun! I might sign up so I can save the workouts for when I’m allowed to workout again after the baby is born! Thank you for sharing! :)

  3. I want to download this and check off at least some activity each day. I’ve done better the last couple weeks – the 6 minute workout got laid aside for a bit!

  4. Thanks for the suggestion. As soon as I started watching the videos with Robin Long, I was hooked. She seems like a gentle, yet knowledgeable coach.

    I signed up one day late, but quickly caught up. I was so impressed, that I decided to share the challenge on my blog. I know that at least one friend joined after I shared on Facebook, and she got a couple friends to participate, as well.

    Love it when women support one another !

    • Thank you for sharing. I am happy you are enjoying her workouts. Yes, she seems so kind and knowledgeable.

      That is great you were able to find others who wanted to join!

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