This post brought to you by SnowCast. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Morning Motivated Mom.

I enjoy the flexibility of how I use my time and when I run my errands as a stay-at-home mom. I am able to run to the grocery store and complete most of my errands in the morning. This non-peak time often makes the stores less busy. While running errands with two young children in tow, I definitely appreciate small crowds.

My girls are typically well-behaved while running errands and we especially enjoy our almost weekly runs to Target. But once you throw in a large crowd of shoppers, the errand quickly becomes less enjoyable.

If there is one thing (aside from occasionally the children) that forces me to change my plans for running errands, it is snow. If I know a blizzard is coming, I will plan our grocery shopping around the snow. I have no desire to get the girls in the car and run out to Target in 10 inches of snow.

The SnowCast app is a quick way for me to find out when I can expect a snowstorm. It tells you what snowfall to expect now or later (over the next 48 hours, in 6-hour increments). It is simple and quick to set up. Basically, let the app know your location and it’s set!

How to know when and how much snow is coming with SnowCast

You can also have the app notify you when your location is expecting a certain amount of snow. I set the notification to let me know when 5 or more inches is expected. You can also select the following:

  • 1″ or more
  • 2″ or more
  • 5″ or more
  • 8″ or more

I don’t often watch or read the weather forecast throughout the day, so I don’t always know when the snow is coming. It will be nice to get the notifications, so I can plan my day and my errands around the snow.

How to know when and how much snow is coming with SnowCast. A great app for winter

There is also a simple radar feature. It loads fast and is easy to read. If you are like me and don’t want every single detail about the weather, but want to at least know when and how much snow is coming, Snowcast is a great app for that purpose. Snowcast is not a complex weather app, but it simply shows you when the snow is predicted to come. You can plan your errands, your commute, and possible snow days with this winter app.

Download the app

SnowCast App is currently available for the iOS only.

This post brought to you by SnowCast. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Morning Motivated Mom.

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