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I used to roll out of bed with my daughters…haggard and NOT ready for the day. By making the one change of getting up before them, I am able to ENJOY the early morning hours. I find myself more productive and more joyful. Do you want to start your day off right? Do you want to know how to make waking early a habit? Today I will share how to enjoy an early, joyful, and productive morning.

I had goals and desires that were being pushed away. I didn’t want to focus on my goals and desires to the detriment of less quality time with my daughters, so I decided that it was best to use early morning hours to give myself time alone.

I set a goal of getting up at 6 AM every morning (with hopes to slowly move it even earlier!) and two weeks later I am incredibly excited at how it’s added both productivity AND joy to my days.

I have always been a night owl. While I have been intrigued with the idea of getting up early, it’s been only a thought and not an action. If you have considered adding an extra hour to your day by getting up early, TRY IT. If I can do this, I think you can too!

How to Enjoy an Early, Joyful, and Productive Morning

[I blogged daily during the 2 weeks…follow links to get more details on my steps below!]

Have an Evening Plan This means to get to bed!! Getting up early starts with going to bed early. Be intentional with your evening.

  • Get off the computer and phone 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed.
  • Prepare for tomorrow.
  • Create a calming ritual.
  • Create a sleeping haven in your room.
  • Record bedtimes.

Create and Follow Your Morning Plan Before you go to bed, take a few minutes to think of tomorrow morning. When you spend just a few minutes planning tomorrow, it can help motivate you to get up. It will be easier to jump into your day when you have it planned out. Create a short to-do list or schedule of your first hour of the day. Be specific. Be realistic.

No Snoozing I have been a close friend of the Snooze button for YEARS. I found it helpful to finally say NO to the disrupted sleep.

Find Your Morning Incentive Whether you have a strict morning routine or a flexible non-routine, include a few minutes of an incentive to help you get up and start your day. What refreshes you? What can be done in 5 minutes? Find out and give yourself the gift of a few minutes starting your day off right! If your morning has been derailed and not one item is checked off your to-do list, move on. But do try and give yourself a few minutes. 

My mornings always include a hot cup of coffee. (I just started drinking Bulletproof Coffee!)

Balance Productivity with Refreshment It is very satisfying to get up early and check items off your to-do list, but it’s also refreshing to sit down with coffee and the Sunday paper. Getting up early and scheduling out the time for maximum productivity is important, but do remember to give yourself some wiggle room for life’s joys.

Be Prepared for Interruptions There will be mornings when your morning quiet is interrupted. Be ready to change your perspective and choose thankfulness instead of frustration. It’s HARD, but a thankful heart will help you move forward in your day.

Be Consistent, BUT Give Yourself Grace This may seem contradictory, but hear me out. Give yourself a fair shot and force yourself to get up at your goal time EVERY DAY for 2-3 weeks. Initially don’t give yourself any wiggle room. There were mornings I could have given myself an excuse NOT to get up at 6:00 (the girls were sick and were waking up often during the night), but because I didn’t give myself any wiggle room I think my new habit is here to stay!

Find out what your doubts and misconceptions are and give yourself a fair shot to prove them wrong. I found that I was able to greet my daughters with joy as I was awake and refreshed when they woke up. This is reason enough to keep my new habit going!

If you feel like you gave it a fair shot and it’s just not working, then do not force it. It just may be your time in life (new baby, anyone??). So try it again in a few months. Or if you do not want to be up early and are best at night…you might just need to keep that up.

Reevaluate and reassess Stay true to your goals. But although you do not want to give up or get too side-tracked, don’t always focus 100% on the goal as you originally set it. Step back. Reevaluate and reassess as you go and make changes when you feel the need.

Are you willing to give it a shot? What is your goal wake-up time? What will you do with your early morning hours?

How to Enjoy an Early, Joyful, and Productive Morning. Do you want to start your day off right? Do you want to know how to make waking early a habit? Today I will share 8 steps for how to enjoy an early, joyful, and productive morning.

If you want to go more in depth with creating both a morning and evening routine, check out my eBook: Your Morning Manual: A Guide & Workbook for Resetting & Maximizing Your Mornings

This step-by-step guide will help you:

  • Visualize your ideal morning
  • Decide your morning priorities
  • Plan your morning routine
  • Create a morning schedule
  • Make the most of your evening time
  • Decide on an accountability plan
  • Motivate you to use your mornings best to achieve the entire day that is your ultimate goal!

Your Morning Manual: A Guide & Workbook for Resetting & Maximizing Your Mornings

Get more morning motivation here…7 habits to add to your morning routine

7 habits to add to your morning routine

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81 comments on “How to Enjoy an Early, Joyful, and Productive Morning”

  1. This is great. I really am more productive when I force myself to wake up earlier and get some time in while everyone else is sleeping. One thing I would add is to get dressed as soon as you get up. You’re much less likely to crawl back into bed once you’re in jeans!

    • Hmmm…I have been debating that one for a while. I get out of my pajamas, but still spend most of the day in comfy clothes. I considered making myself wear jeans for 2 weeks as somewhat of a challenge to see if I change my mind! We shall see. :)

  2. I have been toying with the idea of a 5am wakeup! I’m up around then daily anyways with my littlest and my sleep is always awful after that last night waking…..i need to bite the bullet!

    • Just try it for 2 weeks! That’s what I did and I’m happy with it. I figured if I was miserable after 2 weeks, I would just go back to my old ways. You will just have to make sure you are getting to bed early enough. That continues to be my struggle. Good luck!

  3. Hey Morning Motivated Mom – I completely agree. I get up at 4 AM. These are my best hours. My incentive is flavored coffee. It is so delicious. This morning I had vanilla hazelnut. Mmm…. Thank you for sharing your wise words with all of us! I am cheering you on! From your big Cheerleader, Kelly!

    • Thank you, Kelly! Wow…4 AM! I am hoping to get to 5 AM someday, but do not think I will ever attempt anything around 4 AM. But you never know ;)

  4. So excited to find this help and encouragement, as I’m working toward a consistent morning routine. I’m starting with 6 am, and hope to move back to 5 eventually. My kids are early-birds, but know to stay in rooms until 8, so that would feel like half a day. :)

    • I hope you found it helpful! My daughters are not currently early birds, if that changes I will have to move to 5 AM also!

  5. This is such great encouragement!!! I’m coming back to this to read all of your links. I want to MASTER this, this year. Blessings to you!

  6. I need to read this again tonight when it’s really time for me to go to bed. My problem is the house gets quiet and I get a second wind!

  7. Love your suggestions! I have been a friend of Mr. Snooze forever.
    Merry Christmas, Renee

  8. I can completely relate to this. Today was my first intentional early morning, and although I snoozed until 6:45, it was amazing to see what I have been able to accomplish in this one hour–far more than when the kids are up, and I’m frazzled trying to “build a plane in flight.” Love this!

  9. Great post. I love getting up early but I would add spending time in God’s Word to the early mornings before getting on with my day or children.

    • Yes! Spending time in God’s Word is a wonderful way to start your day off right. He will direct your paths.

  10. Hi there Emily. I’m visiting y ou from #raralinkup! Your title caught my attention, but I only had time today to go back and read it. I’m a morning person, so I was interested to see what you had to say. I’m working on evening routine to make for a better morning start, so I appreciate your suggestions. I love spending time with God, writing, anda going for a walk during my morning alone time. Blessings.

    • Thanks for coming back to read! Your morning sounds pleasant. I would love to add a walk (or run) to the morning…but it’s very cold now here in the Midwest. Maybe I’ll add that in the spring. Fresh air is so helpful in the morning!! I’m finding that the evening routine is key although not always easy to follow. I’m continuing to tweak! Good luck!

  11. Right now, my baby doesn’t go to bed until after midnight (talk about a night owl!) but I have hope that SOMEDAY, she’ll go to bed earlier, and I could try something like this. I so desperately would love to be a morning person, but I really really hate getting up early.

    • Oh, it’s so hard when your baby is up that late! I didn’t start attempting an early morning until after my baby was out of our room and sleeping through the night regularly!

  12. Great tips! I love the reminder to plan ahead but be mindful of life’s little joys! Thanks for sharing. :)

  13. Thanks for much for this, I am definitely a night owl and have been wanting to get up earlier and get things done. I am normally up by 7am but then my husband is up and milking and our no 2 son is soon up. I have been wanting to get up at 6am for ages, so thanks for the help and inspiration. Thanks for linking up at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

    • I still struggle with going to bed at a decent time, so I understand it as a night owl myself!

      I had wanted to start the early morning habit for years…finally decided to just do it and it was easier than I thought. I’m considering moving the wake-up time a little earlier, so it can’t be that bad. :) But…then I will have to make sure I’m not going to bed at midnight!

      • I think the early night is the key, I am tending to go to bed after midnight mainly that’s the time I blog but then struggle to get up. I still get up about 7am but I must admit I am not the most happy :-) Will give it a go though and let you know how I am going. Thanks for the inspiration again.

  14. I have started getting up early in the mornings to get my day started off right, I thought my kiddos would stay asleep, but they seem to get up with me every single time. I need to get up at 3:00 a.m. for them to stay asleep! Ha. I do like getting up earlier though. More time in the day.

    • I seem to hear that a lot! That the kiddos start getting up earlier once mom does. I feared that my girls would get up earlier, but they haven’t! Actually one of them has the last 2 mornings…hopefully a new trend isn’t starting. Thanks for reading!

    • Oh, it’s so easy to skip getting an early morning routine going. I held off for years…until I finally just decided it was time. :)

  15. I love getting up early on weekends while my kids sleep in and having usually 90 minutes to get stuff done before they wake up. During the week I get up at 5:30am and have time to shower and check email and get a small start on my plan of action for the day. But I don’t have much time because I have to get my son up at 6:10am because he gets on the school bus so early. Even though it is not that much time on week day mornings, I definitely love being productive before the kids get up.

    • 90 minutes…it’s great to have that time, isn’t it? Although it’s amazing how fast it goes by.
      If you have to get your son up at 6:10 that sure doesn’t leave you much time in the morning! My girls are not yet school-age, so I don’t have to worry about that yet. Good for you for still getting up early enough to still have a little time.

  16. Love the ideas. We suffer from insomnia and late nights in our household. Trying to get a handle on the elusive bed time is tough. But I love mornings and my day is never right when I oversleep.

  17. I used to be a morning person, for almost my whole life. I miss it so much. I just haven’t gotten into the swing of it after my last baby, who is now 2. My days were so much more productive then. I’m glad I followed you over from Fellowship Fridays. I am inspired to try at it again.

    • I hope that it works for you to try again! It can be hard to get the energy to start it up. I thought about it for a long time before I just bit the bullet and started to get up early. Good luck!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  18. I LOVE the tip about writing down bedtimes. I should do that! (though not today, it’s LATE and I’m still up!)

    Also, have you heard of Jeff Sander’s 5 am Miracle podcast? I discovered it recently, and it’s pretty motivating. I think you’d like it.

    • I have been known to put an asterisk next to a late bedtime if I feel that it’s justified ;)
      I have not heard of Jeff Sanders. I will take a look. Thanks for the suggestion!

  19. Love this! And definitely want to start waking up earlier, but I am knee-deep in the “new baby” phase and so that extra sleep in the morning is precious! But as soon as she starts sleeping more consistently at night so I don’t have to wake up so often, I am going to give this a shot. Thanks for the motivation!
    -Miranda at

    • Yes, you may want to wait until you are out of the new baby phase. Otherwise I don’t think you’ll love it. ;)
      Congrats on the new baby!

  20. Love this – I am a morning person and I find it I get an hour or more in the morning before everyone else wakes up my mood is much better. I get to drink my coffee, read my bible and get a jump on breakfast and the daily cooking. I cherish that time and greeting my kids and husband with a smile…:)

  21. Great post! I want to get up earlier myself. I will try your ideas. Come link up this and other great posts this Wednesday at
    God bless.
    So Much At Home

  22. this is great advice. Getting prepared for the next day and going to bed earlier has really helped me with get up in the morning and having enough energy for the next day. I found once I was prepared and rested, I was able to start my day at 5 am with a hour exercise routine. And I feel great…..

  23. Visiting from the Grace & Truth link-up. Be sure to link to back to us from this post saying you shared it with us, so you can potentially win the giveaway, that’s a requirement! Anyway – I love this post! My husband just asked me this question, “Would you even want to become a morning person? What would it take?” and at first I was defensive because it sounded like he didn’t like me being a night owl, but in reality he just knows I need some time to wake up before the kids get up and we haven’t yet been able to beat them up. When we wake up early, so do they! So it’s been a challenge but something I really want to get into the habit of doing. I appreciate the tangible advice!

    • Oh that’s a bummer if the kids wake up early when you do. I hear that’s common! I’m thankful that my daughters haven’t adjusted their wake-up time based on when I get up! I hope that you are able to make it work!

      • I finally beat them up this morning and had about 10 minutes of quietude before their scampering feet came. I’m thankful for that! I’m trying really hard this week and I’ve already shared this post for others to see too! Thanks again!

        • Yeah for 10 minutes of quiet time!! I hope you can increase it to a little more…20 minutes, maybe? ;)

          Thank you so much for sharing! Super nice, especially for a newbie like myself.

  24. Before children I was not a morning person, but four kids in and I love my mornings all to myself. I meditate, work a little, read, drink my tea and sometimes I go for a morning walk before they get up. If I get to do all 6 of them before everyone gets up then I find that I have one of the best days ever.

  25. Thanks for the tips!! I am partially a morning person. I like the mornings, I like the fresh air and the sun rising but sometimes it’s hard for me to wake up early. I’ll put these tips into practice.

  26. This has been on my mind a lot lately! I go to bed so late with my husband, but it would be really beneficial for me to move the clock up on both going to bed and getting up. Thanks for the inspiration! I found you through The Shine Blog Hop on a different post. Following!

  27. I do not think I’ve ever used the Snooze button. I always try to have the house picked up before I go to bed so I can have a stress free morning. #Throwbackthursday

  28. This is an area where I really need to work on, again. These are a wonderful reminder. The snooze button has become one of my best friends in the morning, and there are times where I just turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. I really need to work on this.

    • I am much better with the snooze button, but I too will occasionally just turn off the alarm. I did this morning. Not on purpose, but I must have needed to sleep. (or I was up reading too late last night) :)

  29. I love, love, love this. I have been trying to wake up before my boys for… years. On the days that I do, I get SO much more done all throughout the day. I love your tip about not giving yourself any wiggle room for the first few weeks. I have been doing too much of that. They say it takes 3 weeks to create a habit, so I’m going to make it my goal to do it every single day for the next 3 weeks. Thanks for the inspiration!

  30. Love this! I’m a huge night owl, but I’ve been thinking more and more that I should try getting up earlier. I really like the idea of making a list for tomorrow so you have something to look forward to! That’s my biggest obstacle – I’d rather be doing what it is I’m doing right then, than get up in the morning to deal with miserable morning kids, lol. If I had an incentive, like you talked about, it would be so much easier!

    • I’m a night owl too. I’m just trying to minimize it so I’m actually getting some sleep. Not always easy for me!

      If it works to finish up your stuff in the evening, keep going with it!

  31. I love the idea of a morning incentive! Coffee is mine – but even that sometimes won’t get me out of bed. So…..I’ve decided to splurge in the mornings just a little and add some whipped cream to my coffee – a GREAT incentive! :)

  32. I think I should start waking up at 7am.I will spend 15-30 minutes reading my bible, then read all of my email devotionals. After that, I can read some of my favorite blogs,do journal writing, read my library books, and then wait for my daughter to come get me for breakfast. I will definitely have to move my time up to 6:45 for the school year.

  33. These are great ideas! Getting off to a great morning (which actually starts the night before, as you pointed out) is key to making my day productive and less frazzled. As a mom of 8, a morning plan is a MUST for me!

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