Welcome to With Grit & Grace – a monthly goal linkup focused on supporting each other as we work towards our goals!

I use goals to help me prioritize, focus, and to push myself to get certain things done, but I always give myself grace or wiggle room. At this time of my life I will not push myself to meet certain goals, especially if it is at the expense of my family-life, faith, etc.

Goals motivate me, but I have a limit with how much they will run my life. Setting goals helps me focus on what I want to get done, but only if I am realistic in the goals I set and give myself grace in hitting them. I need to remember where the goals fit into my life. Find my February Goals here.

When Keri, Callie, Christina, and I were trying to come up with the name of this linkup, Callie thought up the idea of Grit and Grace. We all thought it fit well with how we make and strive for our goals.

With Grit and Grace. A Monthly Goals Linkup.

Grit is the dedication and perseverance as you strive to hit your goals. Grace is giving yourself the freedom to delay or relax your goals based on what your life’s priorities are.

If you blog about goals, we would love to have you stop by the first Wednesday (at 7 AM EST) of each month to linkup your goals post. We look forward to reading your posts and encourage you to look around at the other posts linked up here.

Please join us to share your goals and progress for the week, month, or year. We are all about building a positive community; please remember to read, comment on, and share the post of others. 

Just a reminder…
  • All forms of goal posts are welcome. They can be for a specific area in your life, or your general goals for the day, week, month, or year. We love to hear updates on your progress too.
  • Make sure to use the URL specific to your post and not your blog’s home page.
  • Link back to With Grit & Grace with our image or link in your post or party page.
  • Comment on the post prior to yours in the link-up. Support others through comments and shares – don’t forget to tell them you found them at With Grit & Grace.
  • By linking up, you give us permission to feature an image on our blog and social media. Proper credit and links will be given.
  • Join in on social media with: #withgritandgrace.
  • We want to support you! Please follow your hosts in some way.
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14 comments on “With Grit & Grace – a monthly goal linkup”

  1. I woke up this morning so excited about this link up! I love setting goals, but I also love reading what other people set as their goals. Thanks so much for hosting this!

  2. Thanks for hosting! I’m so excited to be a part of a link party from the very beginning and I love the story behind this one! :) Here’s to inspiring each other to achieve our goals! :)

  3. Hi Emily! I’d love to join in with you next month, but I’ve never actually done a link-up before so I just want to make sure I do it right :) I read through the reminders, but if you could break down exactly what I need to do that would be great! Thank you! ~P

    • We would love to have you join! If you have a blog post about goals, then stop by next Wednesday (3/2). Starting a 6 AM central, the linkup will go live on my site. The newest post on my homepage will have a blue button towards the bottom of the post that says “Add your link”. You will select the blue button and it will bring you to a page where you will enter the url to your blog post, the title of your post, and your e-mail (which won’t show up here). Once you enter your url, the pictures from your post will pop up so you can select which one shows up on my page. You will select your image, hit “Done” and then your picture will show up on my site like the posts that are linked up on this page here. If someone clicks on the picture, they will be directed to your post.

      Does that help? Let me know if you have any more questions!

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