Are you an accomplished saver?

Or is this an area that continues to be a struggle for you?

If it’s a struggle, I suggest that you start small. Every amount counts.

Can you give up a latte each week? Can you set aside $5 per week? This will result in $260 in savings by the end of the year.

Give Up A Latte Saving Challenge


To Print Schedule: Give Up A Latte Saving Schedule

Do the holidays stress you out due to the additional expenses? Saving $260 can help the holidays be less of a financial burden on you.

Do you have an emergency fund? If this has been low on your list of priorities, $260 is better than $0.

Do you have credit card debt hanging over your head? If the debt is so overwhelming that you ignore it, paying down $260 will cut it down more than $260 due to the interest you are paying.

Saving for a house? Vacation? Baby? Every little amount counts.

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