Here are five things for this Friday…
Friday Five…Habits, Homemaking, and the Value of Life

Friday Five…Habits, Homemaking, and the Value of Life

One – a book I cannot recommend

I heard so much about Me Before You. It was on my long list of books I wanted to read. Once I saw the movie trailer, I immediately picked up the book to read. The book was very intriguing! I loved the plot that the story was built on and got sucked into the book and the characters. Then…after a conversation about 100 pages in, I was disappointed. I immediately knew that there was the potential that this book would go the direction I didn’t want it to. I still had to read on, but I knew that there was the possibility that I would finish the book bothered. And I was.

New York Daily News called it “a heartbreaker in the best sense.” I agree that it’s a heartbreaker…but not in the best sense.

I won’t spoil the book for you. But if you value life and believe that God is in control of our lives and of our death, you may want to skip reading it. I wish that the book wouldn’t have made a hero out of someone who would support such a terrible decision. There were times that I couldn’t put the book down and it had the potential to be a favorite. I enjoyed many aspects of the book (especially the relationship between Will and Louisa!), but it was completely ruined with the direction the plot went.

Two – a better perspective on the value of life

Speaking of believing that God has full control of our lives and that He knows best…read this post by Elizabeth of This Little Home of Mine. I Will Not Be Silent. 

“Now holding a child of our own who carries an extra chromosome…our hearts broke for these amazing children who are never given a chance…unborn children who are slain at the hands of those who see them as a burden…or an inconvenience…or a mistake – and not just the children who are diagnosed with a syndrome of some sort (sometimes inaccurately diagnosed, by the way), but for all of the babies whose chance at life is stolen from them.

…Children…all children…are a gift…a blessing from the Father who gives good things…even when the road ahead is filled with fear and uncertainty. – God is the Creator…He is the Master Designer who knits us together in our mother’s womb.”

Three – homemaking (and blogging and free videos)

93 Homemaking and Motherhood Resources. Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

All the books in the image above? Plus over $300 in bonuses? The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is available for under $30 through May 2. Read this post to find out which titles and bonuses I am most excited about!

If you are a blogger, you will want to check out the bundle of eBooks, eCourses, and printables as “Building a Framework” by Just a Girl and Her Blog is included. The eBook (which gets rave reviews!) retails at $25, so it almost pays for the entire bundle right there.

Building a Framework. Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.

One of the bonuses gives access to

Molly Green Bonus

Read my post about the Bundle or just buy the Bundle here!

Four – a recipe

I made this Chicken Tikki Masala recipe the other day and it was amazing. If you enjoy Indian food, try it out! 

Five – habits

My most popular post in about 7 Habits to Add to Your Morning Routine. I enjoyed putting a post together for the evening: 10 Habits to Add to Your Evening Routine.

10 Habits to Add to Your Evening Routine. Make Over Your Evenings with these 10 tips for the perfect evening routine.

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    • The bundle is sold as PDF files, unless you upgrade to the eReader version for an additional $10. I have the eReader version and read the books on my kindle.

      I don’t have an iPad, so I’m not sure what would be best. You would just have to pick the PDF or eReader version and you would download the files onto your iPad. Does that help?

  1. This is a sensitive and controversial subject no doubt. Not everyone I know who has read the book would either agree or disagree. I believe the story in itself was well written. Without giving away too much either for your readers, I like hearing another point of view in book reviews and not always reading how everyone always likes it.

    • Oh yes, it’s definitely a sensitive subject! I was disappointed because I enjoyed other aspects of the book. Have you read the sequel?

  2. Wow, that is some bundle! I agree that Abby’s Blogging Framework book is awesome. I love the idea of 10 habits to add to your evening routine! Sounds like something for me, as I’m not great at getting to bed early enough!

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