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Friday Five…The Hardest Peace, Baby in Shades, Farmer’s Market, My Morning


I recently started The Hardest Peace: Expecting Grace in the Midst of Life’s Hard. I followed Kara’s blog towards the end of her struggle with cancer and am glad that I picked up her book. I was reading the chapter where she shares the sweet story of how she met her husband. She stresses the importance of fighting with kindness. Love is kind…the three words that became the foundation of their marriage.

I was enjoying her share about their relationship (knowing the future struggle they would face in her illness), and the next day I came across this post from her husband: Trouble with Pronouns. It made my heart ache for him, but I am thankful he continues to see God’s grace in his circumstances. I cannot imagine going from a “we” to an “I”. It made me thankful to have my husband by my side.


I love my babe in sunglasses…she could swing all day.

baby in sunglasses


I had two weekends in a row at the farmer’s market. The first weekend was all business…and now our flowers and veggies are planted! The second weekend was for strolling and fun only.

farmer's market


I vividly remember going to Colorado with my family when younger. I would get up early and sit on the front porch of the YMCA in the Rockies. As I sipped coffee in the early morning and gazed at the beautiful mountains surrounding me, I would think: The morning is the most beautiful time of day! I want to be a morning person!

This week I wrote about how I finally found the motivation to get up early and not start my morning so rushed. Read the post here.

My Morning Motivation...Make Over Your Morning


Most mornings I still get up before my girls wake up, but I no longer get up as early as I would like. I am looking to get back on track and so I’m starting the Make Over Your Mornings course on Monday. Care to join me?

Make Over Your Mornings online course

There is also a Facebook group that has been started for people who have joined the course. Let me know if you join!

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12 comments on “Friday Five…The Hardest Peace, Baby in Shades, Farmer’s Market, Mornings”

    • Now that I have tried a slower morning, I am hooked! Well…it’s slower until the girls get up.

  1. We meet again! I love your blog and what you’re doing here. I seek to be morning motivated myself – and it’s been a lifetime of trying because I am NOT a morning person. But I keep striving and I’m getting better!
    Anyhoo, I loved following Kara also. I have her book, but I haven’t sucked it up enough to read it yet. It’s so sad, yet she was so full of grace. Such an inspiring person and family.
    Thanks for sharing on Mama Moments, I’m your neighbor!

    • Thank you so much!! It took me years to finally get myself to wake up earlier than I NEEDED to. And now I love it.

      Let me know what you think of The Hardest Peace when you get into it.

  2. What a beautiful lay of flowers! Also, I’ve never much been a ‘morning person’, but when there’s something I really want to do or learn I will get up early for awhile. Since having Baby Boy and starting this blog, I have found that mornings are precious to me. I get some peace and quiet, no demands that I don’t place on myself (for the most part) and I can do some work or creative thing if I choose. Besides, to see the sun come up and shine just does something to my soul! :)

    • The morning is the perfect time to work on a new project and have the quiet uninterrupted time. That’s great that you are able to enjoy it!

    • Now that I started, I don’t think I will go back to waking when my girls do. Unless I’m really tired. ;)

  3. Great list! That book sounds amazing and I will have to check it out. Thanks so much for sharing at the Sat. Soiree. You’re featured this week!

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