Do you have trouble efficiently packing for trips?

I have to admit that I do not enjoy packing for trips. I like to be prepared and rarely forget anything, but I struggle with over-packing. Trying to balance being under-prepared and being over-prepared is the struggle. A few summers ago, I started the one thing that has helped me along in my packing. I created a packing list.

Creating a list that I go back to with each trip has made my packing more efficient and (somewhat) quicker. I created a Free Travel Packing List Printable for you to use on your next trip.

Free Travel Packing List Printable

Free Travel Packing List Printable

Use this page to list all the items you want to bring. There are sections for Clothing, Toiletries, and Miscellaneous. Each section is broken down further and provides space for everything you need on your trip.

Take the time to write down your necessities for each trip. Make a few copies of your personal basics list. You can use your master list for every trip by just adding in the extra items you need for the specific trip. I find that having my basics already written down is helpful.

Print the Free PDF here: Travel Packing List Printable. The PDF includes all 3 colors. I hope you find the printable helpful.
The Packing List is part of my Travel Planner Printable Packet
Travel Planner Printables (5)

 Use the full Travel Planner Printable Packet to:

  • Organize the details of your trip
  • Record your flights and accommodations
  • Plan your packing to ensure you don’t forget anything
  • Plan your weekly and daily itinerary
  • Set a travel budget and record expenses
  • Journal through your trip

Don’t forget to PIN the Packing List for later!

Free Travel Packing List Printable

Print off your Free Travel Packing List Printable.

Read more about the full 7-page Travel Planner Printable or get it here.

Travel Planner Printables (4)

Do you currently use a packing list? Do you typically over-pack or under-pack?

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13 comments on “Free Travel Packing List Printable”

  1. These are such great lists! We’re going on a trip in July, and I’ll definitely be using one. Thanks so much for this. :)

  2. You’re on time girl! I have a trip to visit both me and husband’s family and we’re going to Turkey for 3 weeks. I am so overwhelmed with packing bc we have lots of stuff to take there. I couldn’t even find the chance to pack our own stuff. Thanks for the free printables!

  3. What a great idea Emily. I don’t travel far, my daughter’s home which is about one hour away so an overnight bag is plenty. But I certainly know many people who do and will be passing this on to them. Thanks for sharing today.

  4. I love these printables. They would have been great to have for my kids the time that my daughter packed everything she needed except for pants.

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