In 2016, I’m focusing on a new habit or mini goal every month. In January I am focusing on daily movement or exercise. Read about the January challenge here and check out the list of free online fitness resources here. I also have a free fitness tracker printable to go along with any fitness goals that you have this year.

I find the writing down my goals and tracking my progress can be very helpful. When I used to run every day, I always had a running journal where I would track my daily miles. When I was training for a specific race, it was helpful to be able to look  back at my mileage during the past weeks, months, and even years. It was easier to gauge my progress and fitness level when seeing a record of my past runs.

While I am not actively training for anything at this time, I still record my workouts each week. It helps me stay motivated and stay on track.

I created a Weekly Workout Tracker Printable to help you track your weekly fitness goals and progress. 

Free Fitness Tracker Printable

Free Fitness Tracker Printable

On this weekly page, set your fitness goal for each day. Record your fitness accomplishments under the cardio, strength, or flexibility categories. There is also room for you to add additional notes regarding your fitness progress (or rest!) for the day. This page is open-ended and you can record your workouts based on what your fitness goals are. Record:

  • Steps taken
  • Miles ran
  • Minutes exercised
  • Reps completed
  • Video completed
Print the Free PDF here: Weekly Workout Tracker. I hope you find the printable helpful.
The Workout Tracker is part of my Health & Wellness Printable Planner/Workbook
Health and Wellness Printable Planner Workbook

 Use the full Health and Wellness Planner to:

  • Plan and track your fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals and habits
  • Create action steps for each goal
  • Bring your new healthy habits into your daily schedule
  • Plan and track your meals
  • Plan and track your workouts
  • Track your vitamins, supplements, and other medications
  • List your favorite resources to aid and motivate you on your health journey

Free Fitness Tracker Printable. Free Weekly Workout Log.

Print off your free Fitness Tracker printable here.

Read more about the full 9-page Health and Wellness Printable Planner/Workbook or get it here.

Health and Wellness Printable Planner.

Do you track your workouts each week? 

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13 comments on “Free Fitness Tracker Printable”

  1. Even though I love digital apps and tools for tracking my progress, my brain seems to have more focus when I actually WRITE my goals and plans. It makes a huge difference in my results. Thanks for inspiring!

  2. Very cool! I love working out with YouTube videos at home. I do Blogilates, and she creates a different daily playlist to follow each day. I really like that you included flexibility. Stretching is so important and underrated.

  3. What a neat printable! Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! :)

  4. I love printables…and I could use all the help I can get to firm up my new weekly exercise goals!
    Thanks so much for sharing this at Coffee & Conversation :-)

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