Do you find it hard to keep track of who you are buying for around the holidays? Even with a smallish list of people to buy for, I always find that I need to write out a list to help me stay organized. I have a quick brainstorming session to help me think of ideas so I don’t have to scramble as Christmas Day approaches.

If you are a list-maker like I am, you may find this Christmas Gift List Printable helpful. List out who you are buying for, jot down a few ideas, and then check off once the present is purchased and wrapped.

Free Christmas Gift List Printable

Free Christmas Gift List Printable

Print the Free PDF here: Christmas Gift List Printable. I hope the printable helps you stay organized. It’s never good to find out that you accidentally purchased too many gifts for someone, but forgot another person or two!
The Gift List printable is part of my 12-page Christmas Planner.
Get organized this Christmas! Christmas Planner. Holiday Planner.

The full Christmas Planner includes the following pages:

  • Cover Page
  • Gift List
  • Christmas Card List
  • Party Planner
  • Menu Planner
  • Recipe List
  • Traditions & Memories Tracker
  • Christmas Budget
  • To-Do List
  • Notes Page
  • November Calendar Page
  • December Calendar Page


How do you keep track of your Christmas gift purchases? 

Free Christmas Gift List Printable

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15 comments on “Free Christmas Gift List Printable”

  1. This is very helpful. Usually I try to keep it all in my head. I think I will try this method out. It should also help with overspending as I often forget I have bought something for someone and hid it away. I’m visiting from the Small Victories Link up.

    • What a great idea to make many of your gifts! I am sure people love receiving the homemade gifts. :)

      What types of gifts do you make?

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