If you have a quiet moment today, how do you want to spend it?

One of my favorite ways to spend my girls’ naptime is to curl up with a cup of coffee (or tea if I’m already fully caffeinated) and sit down to read. Articles or blogs online are perfect for the quiet time, as I’m never sure how much time I will have. Some days I will pull out a book.

Tea Time

Find your warm beverage of choice and enjoy the links I have to share today.

Why I’m doing something I don’t like doing today [Jon Acuff] Do you write thank you notes? Do your children to write thank you notes? Taking the time to teach children gratitude is time well spent. Modeling gratitude is also important. Favorite line: “Want a grateful 16 year old? Teach a 6 year old gratitude and give him 10 years to practice.”

When My Three Year Old Came Home for the Holidays  [mommy’s me time] This is a beautiful reminder that our children will not stay young forever. I can relate to this post, as I love rare alone time…but even more I love seeing my daughters again after an hour away.

The 2015 Reading Challenge [Modern Mrs. Darcy] This 12 book reading challenge has the greatest categories. They are varied enough and will help to get me out of my comfort zone when picking books. The categories are broad enough that I won’t be stuck with an uninteresting book…as that is no fun.

Top post on the blog this week:

How to Set Goals Using Short Challenges and Mini Goals Goal setting or changing your habits doesn’t need to be an annual event. Break it down into smaller timeframes. Quarterly, monthly, weekly…it depends on the goal you want to set or the habit you want to create.

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