This is my first attempt at Five Minute Friday. By participating I will write for 5 minutes on the selected prompt. It’s free writing, no editing. So please forgive any sentence structure errors, typos or random thoughts that should be deleted.

Five Minute Friday - Welcome
Five Minute Friday Prompt: #fmfparty

Timer set…go!

I love having the company of people in my home. To sit around and chat about life. I love company when I’m at home with my girls during the day. I love the conversation that comes with visitors. I want to chat about life. I want to hear what is going on in your LIFE. Some small talk is ok, but I want to hear your story. Your feelings. Your heart.

But…I don’t always convey that with some people. When you walk into my house in the middle of winter in your snowboots and walk all over my house trailing snow everywear. I find myself looking at the snow you are tracking and the extra house work you have created. I realize that this is NOT welcoming if I’m looking at your shoes when you are here.

This is on my mind as a fault of mine. I am working on opening my home and ONLY caring about the people. Their hearts, their lives.

I am working on getting past messes and household duties to show how much I want you here.

Because here is the thing. I do want you here. I do want to hear your story. Life is about people and not the mess. I want to hear about your mess, because that matters. I need to get over the mess on the floor.

Whoa! 5 minutes is so quick. Cannot believe I’m actually posting this…

Five Minute Friday - Welcome

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9 comments on “Five Minute Friday – Welcome”

  1. Great post! I totally agree with welcoming people and urging ourselves to not concentrate on the smaller stuff that doesn’t matter that much. A few minutes of time could be life changing for someone and at the same time, we ourselves are being blessed!

  2. Welcome to Five Minute Friday and LOVE this post! As a mom of three boys, in the south, I don’t get snow trails, but dirt trails…and I would have the SAME reaction! This made me smile! I’m glad I got to be your neighbor here!

  3. Hadn’t heard of five minute Friday before. Interesting.
    I suffer from this too. But I’m probably not as loving as you are, because I do tell people when they first walk in, “and you can put your shoes right here if you would like.” I hope that they do, but…

  4. I was raised in a home where dirt trails were of primary importance. My mom had the gift of welcoming people – but always to a spotless house. I have taught myself to swallow and be welcoming, in spite of my lived-in-house and sometimes that feeling of embarrassment seeps in. It’s a struggle! Welcome to our world, huh?! :)

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