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Scripture LOVE printables

Free Bible Passage Scripture Love Printables

I created a few more printables for you. These scripture LOVE printables are perfect for Valentine’s Day!

They include four different Bible Passages about love. If your child is handing out valentines, print on card stock and cut the four sections. Include candy, a pencil, box of crayons, stickers, chapstick, Play-Doh or whatever goodie your child is excited to give out.
Free Bible Passage Scripture Love Printables Free Bible Passage Scripture Love Printables

Don’t only use them on Valentine’s Day! They are the perfect note to put in your child’s lunchbox. A little reminder of God’s love.

Print: Valentine Love Verse Printable

I also made a Valentine Word Search. There are two versions, an easier 9-word version and a harder 18-word version


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Merry Christmas…Adore, Need, Wonder, Sing

Merry Christmas List

It’s Christmas…

Eat || cookies

Drink || hot cocoa

Watch || children’s joy

Love || time with family

Enjoy || laughter

Teach || children to give

Take In || the beauty of the season

Merry Christmas...Eat, Drink, Watch, Love, Enjoy, Teach, Adore, Need, Wonder, Sing

Appreciate || your family

Give || time and attention

Write || a note of thankfulness

Make || memories

Thank || who we love

Try || to step back

Listen || with full attention

Pray || for those who are grieving

Reach Out || to those who have lost hope

Trust || our Savior to be with us in the new year

Remember || loved ones who are spending Christmas with Jesus

Read || Luke 2

Merry Christmas...Pray, Reach Out, Trust, Adore, Need, Wonder, Sing

Need || a Savior

Adore || the baby Jesus

Wonder || of God’s great love for us

Sing ||

Be near me, Lord Jesus I ask Thee to stay

Close by me forever and love me, I pray.

Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care

And take us to heaven to live with Thee there.**

Please share || the Christmas story.

Merry Christmas...Adore, Need, Wonder, Sing**Away in a Manger vs 3 John T. McFarland

What is on your Merry Christmas List?

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93 Homemaking and Mothering Resources

Homemaking. Do you love it? Are you often overwhelmed as a mom and homemaker? We all know it can be an exhausting job.

If can be easy to be overwhelmed with all there is to do. Do you find yourself discouraged? Do you feel like you are failing in one of these areas?

  • You struggle with meal planning (that would be me!)
  • Money is tight.
  • You lack organization in your home.
  • You struggle creating routines and schedules for your family.
  • You feel like your marriage isn’t getting enough attention.
  • Your home and calendar feel cluttered.
  • You don’t feel like your home is a peaceful haven.
  • You work from home and struggle with balancing homelife and worklife.
  • You find it hard to take care of yourself.
  • You don’t have the time to do what matters.

Do you wish your home felt more put together and peaceful, you kept up with housework better, you were more consistent about serving healthy, homemade meals and you weren’t running ragged so much of the time. Homemaking will never be stress-free, but I am excited to share a few tools that can help you stress less.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (2016 Edition) covers the areas above and more. It’s a collection of 93 eBooks and eCourses to give you the resources, inspiration and encouragement you need in homemaking and mothering. (Later in this post I will share the resources and bonuses I’m most excited about!)

{Update} The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle flash sale is June 1 and June 2. This is your last chance to get this great bundle! Get it today!

93 Homemaking and Mothering Resources. The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. Available April 27 - May 2.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle includes 93 hand-picked eBooks, eCourses, and printables, on topics that matter to moms such as:

  • organization, routines & creating a cozy home
  • recipes, grocery shopping and meal planning
  • budgeting and saving money
  • motherhood (no matter what age your kids are)
  • cultivating a strong marriage
  • faith (for you & your kids)
  • and even self-care (like exercise, weight loss, life planning and coloring books)
  • and much more…

You have a full year to download the eBooks and printables and take the online eCourses, and everything you’ve downloaded becomes part of your permanent library, so you can go back to it whenever you need it. In addition to the eBooks and courses there also physical bonuses included! (See bonus list at bottom of this post.)

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle flash sale is June 1 and June 2. This is your last chance to get this great bundle! That’s why the Ultimate Bundles team can offer so much, because they only have permission to sell it for such a short period of time. The total value is $1000+ (plus over $300 in bonuses), but you get it for just $29.97. That’s 97% off what it would cost to buy everything individually.

Here are a few of the 93 Homemaking and Mothering Resources that I am most excited about:

I am intrigued by many of the titles in the Organization & Routines section.

Organization and Routines. 93 Homemaking and Mothering Resources for under $30. Available for 6 days only.

I am excited to check out “Rhythms, Routines, and Schedules”. My oldest is going to school for the first time in the fall, and I have a feeling I will need to get our routines and schedules under control! The mothering resources are below:

Get 93 Homemaking & Mothering Resources for less than $30 (3)

As a blogger, I am excited about “Building a Framework”. You can purchase the eBook only here for $25. OR you can get the eBook as part of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. Below are the Working From Home resources in the bundle. For less than $5 over the price of “Building a Framework” you get the entire Homemaking Bundle.

Working from Home Resources from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. Including Building a Framework!

Because I need help (and motivation) in Meal Planning, I plan on reading “Plan It Don’t Panic” soon!

A Bonus…One of the bonuses gives access to

 Molly Green Bonus

A Bonus…Grove Collaborative is offering $30 worth of free products. Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap, Mrs. Meyer’s multi-purpose spray, Grove Collaborative spray bottle, scrubber sponges, and 60-day VIP access with free shipping. (Alternative offer for current Grove Collaborate customers)

93 Homemaking and Mothering Resources. Bonus from Grove Collaborative.

Here are more of the resources available in the bundle: 

Plus more…you can view the entire list of what is included (plus the bonuses) here. Ultimate Bundles offers a 30-Day guarantee on their Bundles. 

All items from the original Homemaking Bundle are available during this Flash Sale, with the exception of a few of the bonuses.

Below are a few of the FREE bonus that come with the Homemaking Bundle. Some are 100% free; other are yours for the cost of shipping only. You’ll get:

  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap, Mrs. Meyer’s Multi Surface Spray, Grove Collaborative Spray Bottle, Grove Collaborative Scrubber Sponges and 60-day VIP trial with FREE shipping from Grove Collaborative ($30 value). If you are a current customer of Grove Collaborative, there is a different offer available for you.
  • Free Online Class from Craftsy ($29.99-$69.99 value)
  • Free Kids Discovery Box from ($24.95 value) – not available with the Flash Sale
  • $15 Gift Certificate to InkWELL Press ($15 value) – not available with the Flash Sale
  • Free SPOT Treatment for Acne & Eczema OR a $15 Gift Certificate from Bloom Naturals ($15 value)
  • & more…

Learn more or get your bundle now!

93 Homemaking and Mothering Resources. Ultimate Homemaking Bundles available April 27 - May 2.

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What do your actions teach your children?

What Are Your Actions Teaching Your Children? Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven. Matthew 5:16

Jennifer at Chaos 2 Peace asked me to be a part of her Makeover Monday series. I wrote a post a year ago regarding watching my actions around my children. As I have witnessed both my words and actions being mimicked, I realized the importance of watching my words and actions around my girls. It’s an area that needs a constant makeover. I am thankful for God’s grace and forgiveness in my shortcomings!

I watch my three-year-old (now four-year-old) love her teddy bear. She rocks, cuddles, and sings to him. She tells him stories and speaks tenderly to him. She will chat with him for two hours in her bedroom at naptime. She even throws him birthday parties (lots of friends attending…lots of singing) and invites him along on all her adventures.

She shows the love to her little sister too. She reads her books, shares her toys, holds her hand, teaches her manners, and brings her into her imaginative world.

It warms my heart to see that she is learning to nurture and love.

 What Are Your Actions Teaching Your Children? Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven. Matthew 5:16

She also scolds, raises her voice, yells, gets frustrated, and shows impatience.

The lines I say to her are repeated to Teddy Bear or little sis. I can hear my tone and frustration level. She mimics my reactions and words.

“Actions speak louder than words.” You hear it all the time, but I don’t think I fully understood until I had children. They pick up on everything. The good and the bad.

Read the rest of my post as part of Jennifer’s Makeover Monday series.


What do your actions teach your children?

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Links and Books: Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World

Links and Books. Raising Grateful Children in an Entitled World


a few reads from around the web…

We Lost a Child, and Gained Something Greater | Kyle Porter
Definitely cried while reading this post. Both times. He saw how sufficient God’s love is, even while his daughter was stillborn.

“I’ve always found heaven to be a strange thing. Or rather my relationship with heaven. It seems like a place we should long for more than we do because of how twisted and disturbing the planet we live on is. And yet, I like it here. I really do. C.S. Lewis would say I prefer mud pies.”

5 Prayers to Daily Pray for My Children | The Better Mom
The author lists the five prayers she prays for her children: their salvation, their commitment, their spouse/future spouse, their calling, and their protection. I suggest that you take a few minutes to read her post. She expands on each of the prayers, and it has made a difference in the prayers I have for my girls.

How to Slow Down Your Family’s Schedule | becoming minimalist 
I like when articles mention the value of free play, as it seems that goes out with window with overscheduled children. This article mentions 9 ideas to help slow down your children’s schedule, allowing them to have more free play, alone & quiet time, and time to explore.

Links and Books. Raising Grateful Children in an Entitled World

a recommended book…

I cannot say enough good things about Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World (scheduled to release January 26). I agreed with much of what Kristen Welch shared in her book. I was highlighting so many great points throughout the entire book. I know that I will be reading the book again as our daughters grow older. She shared tips and suggestions for young children, teens, and even adults, so I know this book will be referenced often.

She mentions that the grateful and content attitudes start with the parents. Modeling gratitude is the best way to teach it. It caused me to reflect on my actions and attitudes. It gave me tips for today with a 2 year old and 4 year old. I think the book will become more and more helpful as our daughters grow up. I read a pre-release version on my kindle, but am considering purchasing a paper copy so I can highlight and easily reference the book.

“When we have everything, we are thankful for nothing. When we have nothing, we are thankful for everything.”

“Nothing makes us more grateful than perspective.”

Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World by Kristen Welch.

She writes about showing gratitude by example, the value of hard work, having a Christ-centered home, having positive interactions with your children, disciplining in love, making smart choices with technology, and much more.

If you only read a parenting book or two this year, I highly suggest picking up Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World. It is an important topic and may change the culture of your family and the attitudes of everyone in your home.

“I cannot tell you anything that, in a few minutes, will tell you how to be rich. But I can tell you how to feel rich, which is far better, let me tell you firsthand, than being rich. Be grateful…It’s the only totally reliable get – rich – quick scheme.” Ben Stein

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