I am excited to start a Blogging Tips & Resources Newsletter.

Blogging Tips and Resources

I am not a blogging expert, but I have been able to grow my blog in the almost 2 years since I started. My blog has grown in both page views and income. One of the main reasons I think it’s grown is because I have done my research. I don’t follow all the blogging rules as my time is limited (I have 2 children at home with me everyday!), but I pick and choose the rules I feel are important to me. I have learned the importance of focusing on my individual blog goals.

In the online world, I often hear that you don’t need to feel like an expert to teach. You just have to remember that you are always a few steps ahead of someone. If I am a few steps ahead of where you are now (and where I was months ago), I would love to share what I have learned and encourage you along in your blogging journey!

Who is this for?

  • You have considered starting a blog but haven’t started one yet.
  • You are in your first couple years of blogging, and you feel overwhelmed and need direction.
  • You want to learn about some of the great blogging resources out there. I will keep you in the loop!
  • You have dreams to work from home or just make money on the side.
  • You enjoy the behind-the-scenes of the blogging life.

What will I be sending?

This newsletter is NOT a step-by-step guide to starting a blog (you can find that here). I will be e-mailing you with:

  • links to helpful blog posts
  • tips and encouragement
  • affiliate ideas
  • blogging resources
  • and more!

There are SO many blogging courses, books, websites, and posts. It can be overwhelming to hear all that you need to do to grow your blog. So often it seems that bloggers think they need to follow every single piece of advice out there and they get immediately overwhelmed. One thing that I quickly learned is that you need to focus on what works for you. It’s key to research and learn what is applicable to your blog and your business, and ignore the rest. Or write it down to be a priority in the future.

I LOVE to research all things blogging…almost to a fault. I want to share what I have learned with you. 

Start with checking out my list of favorite blogging tools and resources!

Blogging Tips and Resources


Blog Bundle and Toolkit

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