We like to keep the after school schedule simple around my home. Because my daughter comes home tired and exhausted from her school day, we don’t currently schedule any activities after school. I like to have my kindergartner come home to do what she enjoys most…free time to just play.

Here are a few of the activities that we enjoy once my daughter gets home from school:

Get outside!

Because I know winter is not too far away and the after-school time will be cold and dark, I want to take advantage of this beautiful fall weather. After school is a great time to have the children get outside and play! It seems like my kindergartner gets plenty of time to run around and play at school, but if your child has been at a desk all day they may need the time to get fresh air, exercise, and a change of scenery.

Check out this scavenger hunt printable if you need an activity for your kiddos outside. Getting outside can restore mental energy, relieve stress, improve concentration and focus, and improve mental health. This article provides a list of the many other benefits of getting outside. This might also be a great break for you!

After School Activities for Kids. Get outside. 

Chat about the school day

After being away all day, my girl likes to just sit on the couch with me right when she gets home. We go over everything in her backpack and she tells me about her day. I know that she might not want to do this when she is older, so I love the time!

Reading time

Same as above, some days she just needs a little mom time when she gets home. We may snuggle on the couch reading books together.

Bake a snack together

My girls enjoy baking, so this is a great time to make a snack together. The girls most often help me make pumpkin bread or energy bites. Pumpkin bread is the perfect fall treat. Energy bites are the perfect thing to put in your children’s lunches, so I try to have a batch on hand. They are tasty and my whole family enjoys them.

After School Activities for Kids. Baking pumpkin bread!

Free play with siblings

My kindergartner loves to come home and play with her sister. I am thankful that they play so wonderfully together. Some days it’s best to just step back and let their imaginations run wild. I love listening to the scenarios they come up with!

Play a game

We don’t have a free-for-all with tech time at home, so getting to play a game is a bonus that my girls love. My kindergartner enjoys de-stressing with a little educational screen time.

Amazon Underground is a catalog of over 3,000 free games and apps that are 100% FREE when you download. The games and apps can be downloaded on your Amazon Fire tablet or Android smartphone and the “Actually Free” games and apps can provide a fun break in our day.

We have enjoyed playing Kindergarten Learning Boost Workbook, Math Games, Monkey Preschool Fix-It, and Elmo Loves ABCs

Elmo Loves ABCs is an app that includes tracing the alphabet and learning a few words for each letter of the alphabet. Here is my daughter playing Elmo ABCs:



A video posted by Emily (@ammotivatedmom) on

Check out the over 3,000 apps and games that are 100% free from Amazon Underground

After School Activities for Kids. Amazon Underground


After School Activities for Kids. Amazon Underground

What do your children like to do after school?

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After School Activities for Kids

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  1. Great tips! I especially love your scavenger hunt printable. My kiddos and I will either play outside or have free play in the house. Sometimes they will all sit at the kitchen table and color or draw while I make supper. Because I am a work-outside-the-home mom, our window of time together after school is fairly narrow. So, we don’t have any technology or television time.

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