30 Day Spring Cleaning – Week 2!

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

The tasks for week two:

  • Vacuum carpets & rugs
  • Vacuum under couch cushions & other furniture
  • Dust Part I – frames, wall decor & high places
  • Dust Part II – surfaces
  • Dust light fixtures & fans

Day One: Vacuum carpets & rugs

First of all, do not google “dust mites”.

Well, if you have no desire or motivation to vacuum or dust, maybe you should look it up.


I often do a quick vacuum and dusting job, but for my spring cleaning I am going to attempt a much more thorough job.

If you have not yet started week two of your cleaning challenge, I would suggest to you to switch up the order. Start with the dust days, then vacuum. It just makes more sense to vacuum up AFTER you have dusted. While I am loving following my cleaning schedule, I overlooked this! I’ll be changing up the order next time. {Update} The 2016 Spring Cleaning Challenge has been updated to reflect this change!

Day Two: Vacuum under couch cushions & other furniture

I have read reviews and this looks like a champ of a vacuum:Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away*. It is 3 vacuums in one – an upright, a lift-away pod and a canister vacuum. The canister actually lifts off the vacuum! This would make it less bulky when trying to vacuum in small spaces. It also looks slick to use on stairs. Stairs are always so awkward to vacuum!

Maybe I would vacuum more often if I had a more user-friendly vacuum! That is my excuse anyways…but it does feel great once it’s done.

Day Three: Dust Part I – frames, wall decor & high places

We have a few high places in our house that have never {yikes!} been dusted. I just cannot get to them and am too cheap to buy an extendable duster. No, this is not me…


Sorry…this picture made me laugh. This is more like what I would use: Broom as Long Distance Duster. I was excited to try this DIY extendable duster. Put a microfiber rag on a broom and add a rubberband to keep the rag on…take a look at the picture and it will all make sense. I didn’t look as fancy as the lady above, but our home isn’t as fancy so I think I’ll be OK. It worked pretty well especially because I had all the supplies (broom & microfiber rag) at home.

Day Four: Dust Part II – surfaces

I initially did not like using microfiber cloths because I didn’t like how they felt against my super-dry hands. Once I started dusting with them, I realized it is the only way to go! I love the colors on these microfiber cloths:

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (9 Pack) – Best Quality Cloths for Kitchen, Windows & Car*

Day Five: Dust light fixtures & fans

The ceiling fan in our bedroom is another infrequently dusted area. I wasn’t too excited about spreading the dust all over our bedspread, but I found this trick to help out. Put an old pillowcase over the blades and slide back. All the dust and dirt stays contained inside the pillowcase!

I was excited to find the DIY extendable duster and ceiling fan duster. Do you have any vacuuming or dusting tricks to share?

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge Week Two Podcasts

I have found my new favorite cleaning trick. Podcasts. Are you wondering how listening to a podcast would help clean your house? Here are the 2 reasons that work for me:

  • I am more motivated to clean when I know I can listen to a great podcast.
  • Listening to a podcast distracts me and the cleaning time flies by!

While listening to podcasts may not work for all cleaning chores, it does for most. Especially dusting! Many podcasts are around the perfect length for a cleaning project, unlike listening to a much longer audiobook.

I am new to listening to podcasts, so I am just starting to find the great ones. {I sure wish that I had figured this out when I worked out of the home and had a commute every day!} Here are a few that I have been enjoying lately.

If you are not sure where to start with picking the podcast, both Kat and Jeff recently interviewed Shauna Niequist (author of Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are*) and I enjoyed both talks! Here are the links:

Do you have any podcast recommendations? I would love to hear them!

In case you missed the entire 30 Day Challenge schedule. Print PDF: 30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge 2015

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

Or find updated 2016 Spring Cleaning Challenge printable here!

30 Day Spring Cleaning Printable

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32 comments on “30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge – Week 2”

  1. This would be such a good approach for me. I often clean and clean until I feel like I may pass out trying to get it all done in one day. Not even kidding.

  2. I’m soooo glad I stopped by from the Equipping Godly Women link up! I subscribed! I could use the challenge to get my house freshened up. I need to add to the list to groom the pets and carpet wash. And take truckloads of stuff to a dumpster. I think I’m so overwhelmed I didn’t even know where to start – but this helps!

  3. I started doing the same, listening to podcasts, but I’ve found that some topics won’t work for me as they require me to listen fully. I’ll check out those three you recommended.

    Stopping by from the Small Victories Link Up, have a nice Sunday :)

    • I know what you mean. I have to be more selective with what I’m doing when I listen to the Truth For Life podcasts, as I need to pay closer attention.

  4. I really like the idea of listening to pod casts while doing what I don’t enjoy, housework. I usually listen to upbeat music, but I think I will try the Jeff Goins pod cast. Thanks for the tip. I came here via Motivational Monday link up. :)

  5. I’m glad I saw this at Making Memories Monday because I had missed your printable challenge and I LOVE it. Printing it now to start this week. Thanks for sharing it!

  6. I am on track with this week! Yeah! :-) Printing out and starting tomorrow! Thank you so much for sharing this on Making Memories Mondays! :-)

  7. Ok, so I know this is about cleaning, but I read another glowing review on podcasts. I’m going to have to try one out. Everyone seems to be listening and I don’t even know what app to use to find one. Might go on my May things to try list!

    • I am not sure what apps are best for listening. I usually just pull them up on my computer and listen to them that way. I have considered figuring out an app to use, as that would be more mobile for cleaning/moving around the house. Otherwise I have to bring my laptop from room to room!

    • Microfiber rags are sooo much better for dusting as they hold in the dust. Otherwise I found I was just spreading the dust around! I will check out your post. Thanks.

    • It is an icky feeling, but wash your new microfibre cloths before you use them, and they won’t stick to your hands. After use, I usually give them a good shake outside then wash them!

  8. I usually get really excited about spring cleaning and seeing other people’s cleaning schedules, but I have not done ANY spring cleaning this year. Not really. Oh I’ve done regular cleaning, of course, but I have yet to attack any cupboards or closets.

    This is a great schedule and goodness knows I need some motivation, lol! I will just simply have to make the time.

  9. What a great idea to break it all up! I am waiting for the first free day when it is warm enough to open up the windows in the house to get the bulk of it done! It feels so good when it is finished!

    • I know it’s not realistic for me to do a full day of cleaning, so I thought it made sense!

  10. I love this spring cleaning list, thanks for sharing, I look forwards to working my way through and having a sparkling house to admire!! :)

  11. Yes, dusting and then vacuuming makes sense to me too :) Thank you for continuing to share this spring cleaning challenge on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

  12. This all sounds like a good idea and something that really probably needs doing. We have quite low ceilings so I go round the ceiling each week with a feather duster but my light fittings need some work. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

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